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Castor Troye

"With these words, I dearly apologise to all friends of justice and comrades who were angry at me for even wasting precious time with enemies of justice, agents of apartheid and friends of Hitler, instead of attending to more urgent things with people of justice and freedom from occupation."

It seems as though Bongani truely is "convinced no amount of being reasonable will resolve the real problem" or judging by his comments, he has no reasonable thought process. His correspodence is littered with puppet-lines that he leanrt from his new "bosses" in the PSC.

Even though, he is being spoon-fed lines on what to say and talking like Julius Malema without thinking about the consequences, this does not absolve him from responsibility.

I hope the next communication he gets from the "Zionists", or Jews as I am starting to get confused who he is referring to, will be a summons to appear in the High Court.


Wow. What an imbecile. Wow.
I hope that someone emails this comment to you Bongani. And that someone else explains to you the what an imbecile is.


I hope Bongani listens to the enlightened mature and deeply sincere message delievered by Avrom Krengel on the day COSATU and friends decided that they'd pay an unpleasant visit to a predominantly Jewish area.
(see YouTube)
If he did - he would have noted that as a South African Jewish community leader, he did not urge hatred towards another group, he did not ask the community to burn another community's flag, and he did not call for a counter attack on their neighbourhoods.
What he did do was to stand proud and remind us all of the fact that this is the new South Africa and there is no place for the likes of those who are intolerant of one another.
I can only say this.
I am so proud to be a South African Jew.


Wow Steve, you are the model of restraint. I am spitting mad after reading this exchange. I can't believe you managed to keep your temper and attempt to debate this fool logically.

He does sound just like Malema - an arrogant, ignorant man who resorts to the basest form of ad-hominem attack when his "argument" falls apart.


Thanks for tracking this, Steve.

Thank you.
I will make use of this material. In my uni's student newspaper.

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