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October 20, 2010



Sign your petitions, make a fuss. But in the end the Political aspirations but the Israeli haters will prevail in South Africa and UJ and a bunch of other universities will end is relationship with BGU.
“The two universities will brainstorm on how they can contribute to ongoing South African research into water purification in rural areas and around the Hartbeespoort Dam. In addition, they will research the feasibility of harvesting algae from the Dam and converting it to energy. The Hartbeespoort Dam remediation programme is being implemented by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) to address the imbalances and unhealthy biological conditions in the dam.”

The Freidman’s, Badast and friends will celebrate a major human rights victory. The Hartbeespoort Dam will become a sewage pit and those who live in the squatter camps and drink nauseatingly putrid water will be worse off.
But the Zionists will have been defeated.


Shaun...I agree :(

Hebrew Prophet

And Julius Malema will be the next President for life and an honorary professor of double talk,obfuscation ,Marxist/Leninist social claptrap ,from thr UJ,life isn,t fair .


Perhaps this priceless little tidbit will make things a little clearer.
The major area of cooperation Between Ben Gurion University and UJ is how to clean up the water gong it the dam.

Nicole Smith

I don't know anything about this, since I am not from africa. But I still hope that everything's settled now with them.

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