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June 03, 2010


The pil

Steve, the letter you wrote about your dad was extremely moving- I am sorry for your loss.

On the comment about the SA government not having met a dictator that it did not like. The SABJD still has not met a SA government that it did not like. How mealy-mouthed was that statement.

Hebrew Prophet

With over 1 million jobs lost in the past year alone the ANC led govt. sould have more presssing issues to contend with , so what do the looneys think about that issue ,instead of commenting on things that don,t concern them ,Isreal,s defensive actions against Islamofascism ?

Hebrew Prophet

After another example of Islamofascism in Hamastan,
the raiding of NGO,s and confiscation of communications equipment ,fax machines,computers etc. by Islamic thugs, what excuse will the leftist looneys come up with now ?


Do you think that it's hyocritical for a country to force another to adopt its way of thinking

Hebrew Prophet

It depends on that country,s thinking ie Iran has a nuclear facility that can produce nuclear bombs in the near future ,do we impose sanctions on it ,no hypocrisy here ,do we allow Mugabe to carry on regardless because he governs our neighbour(Zimbabwe
who is majority black ,yes blatant hypocrisy ,what do you say now Jess?

Hebrew Prophet

When the so called Gaza blockade is lifted by both Is
rael and Egypt,which of those letist looneys who post their claptrap on this blog will go to Gaza and oversee the inspection of foreign ships etc.that supposedly are bringing humanitarian aid to the peasants ,weapons and other arms are not humanitarian aid as we have seen from containers offloaded from the Free Gaza Flotilla ships?

Religious Fundamentalist 1


Do you think it's hypocritical for a person to force another to adopt their way of thinking?

Hebrew Prophet

Depends again on the person trying to do the forcing Jess as we are all adults and can make up our own minds etc?

Hebrew Prophet

Try be more specific if you can Jess because there seems to be a cryptic clue in your rhetorical question but i can,t quite catch it,examples please ?

Hebrew Prophet

Another good example Jess, hundreds of millions of Muslim sheep are forced to adopt one or two sheepdogs thinking ,Hezbollah in Lebanon ,now there,s a perfect example or Hamas in Hamastan,just as perfect ,so let,s read some of your insights now,please?


Very interesting topic here. Thank you for the post.


Great post! We really need updates for international awareness on this crisis. Does expelling Israeli's ambassador will cut diplomatic ties with Israel coz we now have a muslim state with Sharia law.

Hebrew Prophet

The ANC naughty boy has been very quiet of late but will this quiet period continue after the world cup circus has packed up and left African shores ,you have been warned as Julius is itching to open his big mouth once again ?

Hebrew Prophet

May 1948 ,two states ,living side by side,in peace and prosperity ,as mandated by the UN ,yet we still have ignoramuses posting nonsense ,wake up Christopher it,s July 2010 ?


I think The SABJD still has not met a SA government that it did not like. How mealy-mouthed was that statement.


they are not any help and it is not just becouse muslim lobby, it is becouse they have pretty bad understanding of the real roots of the conflict


I'm all for having faith and believing, but religion, what is supposed to be the one thing that brings joy and peace and meaning to your life, has so often brough nothing but pain. And it saddens me that religion has in reality, done more damage to the human race than anything else.

Hebrew Prophet

But you don,t say which religion has caused the most bloodshed,ethnic cleansing ,internecine violence and
genocide since it raised it,s vicious head in the 7th century,Islam ,so stop obfuscating and get to the point ?

Hebrew Prophet

The settlement freeze moratorium has been lifted and building in Israel continues as it should ,May 1948,two states,living side by side,in peace and prosperity ,mandated by the very same UN that gave Jordan to the Palestinians as their sovereign homeland ,enough bulls- already ?

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That's so heartwarming, seeing that picture!


Sometimes I don't care at all about foreign affairs but this is something interesting for me that I can't just let it pass.


Well, I'm all for having faith and believing, but religion, what is supposed to be the one thing that brings joy and peace and meaning to your life, has so often brough nothing but pain.

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