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May 07, 2010



What's interesting is to see the comments on the article. Kadalie is attacked as a traitor by a host of so called human rights activists. Of course, as usual with the lefty bunch they don't address a single point she has made, do not bring a single fact and simply tackle her for taking Israel's side.

What is intersting in terms of the Caroline Glick article posted earlier is that if you really look at it, Kadalie still has not taken Israel's side. She merely stated that we have a side and that the press is often unjust to us. It is a reflection of the sad state of anti semitism in world that we can consider this to be a pro Israel Articel - or even an even heanded article. As Glick put it - even handed means the truth. The truth is that Israel is the victim, Israel has reached out with numerous dangerous gestures for peace already, Israel treats its prisoners with more than the minimum human rights demanded and Israel has received only violence and condemnation in return. Any article that says less than this is a biased article.

David Phillips

Don't get tempted into ideas of separation, we all live on the same planet and should be concentrating on what we have in common, not what separates us.

Benny Alberts

I wonder how you pieces of Zio-shit are going to spin the killing of peace activists by your navy.
Screw your pcychopathic little country! FUCK ISREAL!

This is too much! Too fucking much!


Benny Alberts

I was posting in anger: I take back the part about "human shit".


But not the part about a nation of psychopaths or being a danger to all humanity.

Benny Alberts

No, that part sticks.


So you believe an entire nation of some seven million people is clinically insane with violent tendencies and it is also a threat to every single human alive?

Do you apply this belief to any other nation or is it just Israel?


Peace activists.....hmmmm
So what were peace activists doing with knives, guns and metal poles? Or do you suggest that the navy shot, stabbed and beat themselves up?
Sunshine, all it takes is a little bit of analysis of the facts and asking intelligent questions. Use that grey matter Sherlock.


just watched the videos. All they show is Israeli soldiers getting lynched, one guy throwing something and wearing a gas mask, and people running.

Hebrew Prophet

Sorry for you Benny Alberts but only yesterday Muslim thugs in Lahore Pakistan attacked a civilian hospital spilling more Muslim blood in the continuous
Sunni/Shia internecine violence so common to your ilk ,now go and cry on Arafat,s grave?

Hebrew Prophet

Watching Hala Gorani on CNN giving her shpiel about the farcical Free Gaza Flotilla episode and then watchng Kay Burley handle a letfist looney Englishman ,one wonders how certain so called journalists of the calibre of Hala can sleep well at night after the unprofessional hysterical anti-Israeli diatribe she gave during her regular international desk show on CNN .Get some lessons in professionalism from Sky News and the sooner the better,lady ?

Hebrew Prophet

What does the truth count for when dealing with far leftwing looneys,the same looneys haven,t yet woken up to the fact that Gaza/Hamastan didn,t go through free and fair elections ,it took power through the bullet not the ballot ,like Afghanistan,Iran,Iraq and other despotic Muslim states ?

Hebrew Prophet

When Muslim sheep like Benny Alberts talk about psycopaths and Jews being human shit then how does he reconcile the chutzpah of that most violent and barbaric of religions ,Islam and it,s psycopathic attempt to build a mosque at ground zero ,instead they should be rebuilding those 1000 year old Bhuddist statues in Baniyar Afghanistan that the opium fuelled psycopathic Taliban scum blew up a few years back,not so Benny?


If Israel’s detractors can associate the Jewish movement for self-determination with the Apartheid South African regime, they will have done lasting and maybe irreparable damage. Yet the comparison of Israel to South Africa under white supremist rule has been utterly rejected by those with intimate understanding of
the old Apartheid system.
For a larger analysis, see "The Campaign to Delegitimize Israel With the False Claim of Apartheid" by Robbie Sabel

true religion outlet

Rhoda Kadalie is a former anti-apartheid activist and South African Human Rights Commissioner.

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