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April 15, 2010



The woman is right. Look at the biggest contributors to both parties, Wall St., high finance, the richest ethnic group, the credit card companies, media ownership - all dominated by Jews. Is the truth anti-Semitic? The Jews ne-conned us in Iraq. They caused WWI and WWII and many wars before it. Mel Gibson was right! Hitler may have gone too far but everyone is getting poorer and sicker while the Jews are getting richer and richer. Just like the Palestinians - we are all slaves of the Jews! Something must be done before they create the totalitarian State they've always wanted. People say The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery. But the Jews conduct themselves as if everything in there is true. The people who proclaim themselves The Master Race were always the Jews. That's why the Nazis had to act before the Jews enslaved us all. Even their own who condemn their Evil like Judge Goldstone are smeared as "mosers" like the odious Dershowitz did. Jews will surely kill him just as they did to Christ.


AI I'm curious to know how the Jews casued WW1 and WW2?

Religious Fundamentalist 1

It reminds me of the old joke of Abe and Hymie sitting on the bench with Hymie reading the volkishe beobachter ...

Keep it up Al, you cheer me up!


It delights me how my detractors on the left always refer to the rabid right wing comments on this blog but ignore the likes of this pearler :-)


Germany was winning WWI and made a very fair offer to the Brits. But the Jewish bankers wanted a Jewish homeland told the Brits that if they were to guarantee the Jews a homeland in Palestine - the bankers would get the U.S. into the War. Suddenly the U.S. public which had been pro-German began hearing that Huns were killing babies with pitchforks the US got in and Germany suffered an ignominious defeat. And the Jews got the Balfour Declaration. Jewish treachery not entirely unlike the Jews who neo-conned us into Iraq. Balfour is what Hitler meant by the "Stab in the back". You own Congress. 9\11 blowback for support of Israel. Now General Petraeus and Admiral Mullen are telling Israel that its murderous racism against the Palestinians is putting American lives in peril. So Jews are trying to incite hatred against them calling Obama Pharoah and Hillary Hitlery and getting their puppets to undermine Obama. Will it work? Or will Americans turn on the the wicked and odious Jews the way the Germans had to.


Fascinating stuff.
Actually the US public was significantly in favor of the war, a result that the Wilson could not accept. Perhaps you should look for information on theEscadrille and the “The Vanguard of American Volunteers” in the French foreign legion and other large forces of volunteers from the US who signed up to fight with the French and British’s against the Germans . Besides all this only explains US involvement in WW1 not how it started.
I am curious to know how you can completely discount the sinking of US ships in the Atlantic and the killing of thousands of innocent Americans, even before the Lusitania disaster?
With regards to the start of WW2... it would appear that you regard Hitler’s desire for Lebensraum and Japans quest for imperial expansion as irrelevant…
Perhaps history is not your forte, considering you actually think that the Jews killed jesus.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Didn't we? Darn, I always used to enjoy boasting about that!


Sorry to burst the bubble on that on RF1. Regardless of the gospel you choose to follow, this is at least one crime that we did not commit. Those who did the deed would eventually go on to represent the church of the deity they mutilated…

On the flip side I think it is time for world Jewry to hold all of Christianity, Catholics and protestants alike, culpable for the hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of Jews killed in the name of jesus.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

good idea, I'll bring it up in the protocols at the next World Jewry AGM - maybe the Elder's can delegate the illuminatti and masons to get a few class action suits going.

The pil

RF how can you be president of the world, if I am?

Religious Fundamentalist 1

I'm Grand High Wizard, you obviously don't know the rankings properly. You've been going to the wrong meetings. I bet you don't know the secret hand shake either. How do I know you and al aren't white sheet comrades?

bridal gown

This was the first one I tried on and tried about 6 more after that.

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