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January 04, 2010


Informed commentor

Be careful Steve. These guys do not enjoy criticism and are likely to try and sue you for something. They pretend to be tough but then resort to their institutionalized blend of "sticks and stones" when you use words that harm them.

Informed commentor

By the way, im not saying that they will use dirty tricks...they are at the end of the day good folks, im just saying that they treat what other people say too seriously and respond in kind. I would just ignore them because you can't really afford to fight them.

Informed commentor

i say they are goof folks because they have mostly helped to make SA a better place and by connecting with the ANC have helped bring about solidarity for all.

Informed commentor

and oh yeah, congratulations on the birth of the baby!

Religious Fundamentalist 1

I'm sure they're good folks, why else would they support Masuku, the South African expulsion of Jews and genocide against Israelis, while criticizing a nobody who calls for a economic boycott of racists.

Nice guys do that sort of thing ... all the time. Look at the UN.

Informed commentor

Well nice guys or not, if you try play them they will beat you. How many friends do you have Steve, in the ANC and human rights court?


Open Shuhada Street have a role to play but in this instance they are putting their noses where they don't belong. They haven't added anything to the scenario except to say that what Masuku said is ok because the lesser educated can't stand up to the better educated...

On the other hand, from other comments here I am surprised by the disgust the Jews show to OSS. Their campaign to open Shuhada street should be supported by all. If Israel doesn't want to be compared to aparthied then they must not act like apartheid.

I support them, in the greater campaign to free Hebron, though i don't support them in all of their blogs. Maybe we can all learn to see the world like this, not open support or hate for everything?

Good bye and compliments of the season


Steve, why do you attack me by calling me "one far-right supporter of Israel with no leadership influence in the community"
What I said was a political attack with no racial opvertones-there are Blacks AND Whites in COSATU.
COSATU were engaged in calling for boycotts of all Israelis-regardless of their political affiliation, while I only suggested a boycott of a particular ORGANIZATION.
There are many black workers that do NOT belong to COSATU
I was perefectly within my right to respond to COSATU's threats against Israel and the SA Jewish community, without being called 'racist' as Doron Isaacs did on his 'Open Shuhada Street' blog, which I will not comment on as the posts are moderated.
These are the people who accused me on their website of 'racism' for calling of a boycott of a particular organization COSATU-despite the fact that they call for the boycott of an entire country and all of it's people
And depite the fact that I belong to a almost completely Black political party.

But Steve, what evidence is there for your remarks that I am ""one far-right supporter of Israel with no leadership influence in the community", just because I suggested a strong response to COSATU's threats and intimidation?


Have you ever referred to anti-Israel far-left Jews who wish to abolish an entire nation and make common cause with terrorist movements, in such terms?



1 - I said you have no leadership influence because you are not to my knowledge part of any communal leadership bodies. COSATU should not consider what you say as representing the local Jewish community, Do you contest this?

Also i wouldn't imagine anyone who invokes Kabbalistic curses in the comments on blogs - even against the despicable likes of Kasrils - displays a complete lack of the diplomacy required for leadership.

2 - When it comes to Israel, I don't understand why you even take offense that I describe you as being the far right. I would have expected you to argue that the far right holds views best capable of safeguarding Israel rather than denying you are part of it.


Steve writes "When it comes to Israel, I don't understand why you even take offense that I describe you as being the far right."

Oh come on Steve this is just disingenous of you. Far right is just code word for a nazi, so why not just call Gary a nazi. And then pretend you don't understand why Gary would take offense at that.

Steve since Kasrils really is (in spirit) a nazi, you are tacitly admitting that diplomacy and leadership involve pretending a nazi is not what he so obviously is, and that a nazi does not deserve the open contempt he truly deserves. Well yes diplomacy is the art of calling a pig's ear a silk purse ie lying so yes Steve you have a point, but it's not the one you intend to make.

Religious Fundamentalist 1


By "greater campaign to free Hebron", you are actually (duplicitly or just risibly?) referring to OSS's campaign to make Hebron Judenrein, as a starting point to clearing the entire middle east of Jews, and then moving on to Europe.

So, I am therefore surprised at your support for apartheid, and moreover aghast at your disapproval of the "disgust the Jews" show to OSS. Either you're still stuck in the "four legs good, two legs bad" paradigm or you're ignorant.


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