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December 05, 2009


Charlie H. Ettinson

What a rambling reply. What's so interesting about it is the "shotgun" effect it seems to employ in suggesting well, if he's not to be absolved for reason A, then he must be absolved for reason B. Issue A, however, is that he wasn't talking about an identifiable group (Jews)--which he clearly was, because while not all Zionists are Jews, most are--and issue B is that well Israel has committed war crimes, so criticism is okay.

In other words, he's innocent because he wasn't talking about Jews, but if he's not, give him a break, he was after all, only talking about evil Jews.


Well Put!


he clearly breached (2) 2...

(2) The right in subsection (1) does not extend to- 1. propaganda for war; 2. incitement of imminent violence


and the cartoon on the VOC website clearly shows where they stand in the debate...

the Hebrew prophet

Takr COSATU and it,s anti-semitic proponents on and force them to apologise to the SAJBD ,these lies and deceits cannot be swept under the carpet.


What do you mean they don't know who they are dealing with?

I also noticed the cartoon. But I cant read the text, it is too small.


you really need some spam control.....


Haha, Shaun, I do have spam control but not everything gets blocked, and sometimes real comments get caught as spam.

As I've said, we have between 50 and 100 spam comments successfully blocked every day,


Bongani is a nutjob of note, and any person that follows his line of thought should be shot! As a muslim, to have regurgitated versions of this type of hate speech spewed at every islamic event. Makes me very weary of them.

Yes I do believe there are issues in Palestine/ Israel and the methods employed in finding a solution is dodgy at best. I am of the opinion that EVERYONe has the right to exist. Regardless of the faith they follow or don't follow. I think people should start thinking for themselves instead of letting others bombard them with bullshit.

Aluta Continua
The struggle for humanity continues
Oh and Slamat/Mabrook/Mazel Tov at the birth of your beautiful baby!

the Hebrew prophet

What exactly is humanity as certain people only use it for propaganda purposes ,for example Hamas in Gaza ?

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