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November 12, 2009



Considering the misery, death and destruction caused by the Berlin wall, many anti-Israeli activists will use the wall as a timely image to validate the Palestinian claims.

Only problem is… Guess who was a big fan of the Berlin wall and spent a great deal of time in East Germany praising the leadership of German Democratic republic.
Take a look:,_Berlin,_Brandenburger_Tor,_Yasser_Arafat.jpg

the Hebrew prophet

The arch-communist Jeremy Cronin reckons those unfortunate souls caught in East Berlin in 1961,when they woke up to find a barrier in their way ,loved communism and would have stayed in the East anyway as communism was a wonderful ism that looked after everyone equally.He then goes on to criticise America,s apartheid wall between itself and Mexico,without giving the facts,about 15-20 million Mexicans in the US who live in a free democratic society ,as if Stalinism/Communism was the greatest social marvel the world has ever seen ,ya well no fine .

the Hebrew prophet

Zapiro,s lastest attempt at irony (Berlin recall)is so blatantly crude ,so when will Zapiro attempt some more irony by cartooning Major,jihadist,Hasan or the latest suicide bommbing in Peshawar ,or maybe he doesn,t have the stomach for it ?


a nuclear bomb set off by jihadists could go off in New York, London or Tel Aviv, Zapiro would just draw a cartoon vilifying....Israel.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Perhaps the most brilliant irony is the comparison with Reagan.

5 minutes research into the Reagan speech being referenced, and the surrounding intellectual and social milieu (in particular the comments and influences from leftists such as Zapiro at the time) will reveal the Emperor's Clothes, not to mention the craven post-fact claim of moral rectitude and fortitude in the face of Evil.

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