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November 18, 2009


Religious Fundamentalist 1

It's the classic 21st century version of
"a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer"

to whit ...

" a rabid leftist anti-semite / muslim fanatic masquerading as a humanist/liberal can make more false accusations than can be refuted, let alone that the public will bother to follow up on"

Playing defensively can stop you losing wickets. It will never put a defensible total on the board, nor will it chase down a respectable target.


I thought you would have forgotten what cricket is by now living in Israel for all these years :)


Hillel lives in Israel? or do I confuse RF1 with RF2? Does anybody posting up here still live in South Africa?

off-topic - I see that Mandela is going on a circus road trip with Jew-haters Jimmah Carter and Tutu to Egypt. I thought Mandela being very old and frail had retired from political life, but I guess when it comes to Judenhass, it's all too tempting to play to the peanut gallery - one last hoorah perhaps. Of course I doubt any notables in the SA Jewish community have the guts to point out that not only is Mandela a know-nothing dupe and useful idiot of the Jihad like Carter and Tutu, but it follows that like them he is an anti-Semite. You join notorious anti-Semites like Tutu and Carter for an Israel bashing tour aka Middle-East conflict resolution tour or whatever other Orwellian term they want to employ, you are an anti-Semite yourself pure and simple. Mandela remains a sacred cow unfortunately, so don't expect any call it like it is protests from the SAJBD re Mandela here, especially given their endless history of cravenness. Of course Mandela had long ago revealed himself as a dupe for the Jihad (think his buddy buddy affability with Arafat, Gadaffi and Ayatollah Khameni) and anti-Semite, so no surprises here with the latest round of diplomatic Judenhass. The ANC's anti-Semitism is consistent with the anti-Semitism of their most famous son.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Sure, Zinn still lives in SA. Makes you think.


We both do Lawrence.

Has anyone approached Nongxa for a response?

To further Steve's point, anyone who thinks that the report was a victory doesn't understand the game. The ganme is not one of who an prove who wrong. Its one of who can make who look bad. Make accusations and you've made your play, refuting such accusations has no effect on the play.


Yep, looks like it was a little too early to call victory. See the letter in the SA Jewish report from Dr Shereen Usdin.
Facts be damned, anything the Jews to is wrong, anything done against Jews is justified retaliation… See the goldstone report for more details


ok so we are all posting and reading the blog from Israel, would the last Jew to leave SA please switch off the lights at the Oxford and Marais Rd synagogues, thank you..

off-topic - Mendel Kaplan died, a great SA Jew who achieved and did so much for Jewry in SA and abroad, in education and in other spheres. Kind of the anti-Goldstone. Article about him in the JPost today

Sad that everybody (Jewish or non-Jewish) knows who that kapo Goldstone is, yet the truly great Jews and Zionists today are not common household names with us - Kaplan was such a man.

Eduard Grebe

This response to the Budlender report is deluded at best but more probably a shameful distortion. Have you actually read the report? While Advocate Budlender says that racial profiling is not a useful term to describe the behaviour by the CSO, he nevertheless unequivocally condemns the behaviour and states that members of racial groups were treated differently.
This website is a hub of racism and the most vulgar nationalism. It does nothing to combat anti-semitism. Rather, it serves as an outlet for those who are guilty of its correlate and in fact merely fosters the hateful and violence-celebrating behaviours it sees in its opponents. Shame on you.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

oh, we can't have nationalism. Verboten.


To Eduard Grebe: Dear, dear such fastidiousness! I have not come across a popular political website, left or right, in which the comments do not rapidly descend into vulgar abuse with a few outstanding exceptions. It has nothing to do with this website. Yes, Jews are nationalistic - you may wonder why? If not, at least try. And please, do watch out for stereotypes while you're about it.


Is the desire for Palestinian self determination also regarded as nationalism?

Religious Fundamentalist 1

While we're on the topic what about the "proudly South African" campaign?

How does a knuckle-dragging inbred from Benoni tell the difference between "vulgar nationalism" and the nice, polite, share-tea-with-your-intellectual-friends sort of nationalism that Eddie thinks is acceptable?

The Blacklisted Dictator

Eduard Grebe,

You write: "This website is a hub of racism and the most vulgar nationalism. It does nothing to combat anti-semitism. Rather, it serves as an outlet for those who are guilty of its correlate and in fact merely fosters the hateful and violence-celebrating behaviours it sees in its opponents. Shame on you."

Is this just another standard response from another Aids "activist" in Cape Town? Or is it derived from what they "taught" you on your philosophy course at Stellenbosch?

Is there really no scope for originality in The Cape? Are you all robots force fed by Nathan Geffen??

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