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October 05, 2009



It was hinted at in the Jpost article.
Is it possible that Goldstone is preparing for a run at UN general secretary?
He has the anti-apartheid halo and the Rwanda investigation to secure the African states vote. The Europeans like the fact that he cleared their conscious during the Yugoslavia massacres. The only glitch to his plan was the fact that he was seen as a Jewish Zionist. Now he’s won over the Arabs by proving that he can easily shake off his Zionist label.
Interesting how he’s never done anything to piss of the Chinese either…


I saw the same thing Shaun. I'm loathe to always think there is some ulterior motive for reports that are anti-Israel, but it is an interesting thought.

And, loathe it or not, I'm afraid it does always seem to be the case that there is some other motives in play.

I place greater emphasis on personality attributes than motives. Arrogance, inability to admit you are wrong, etc. I think Goldstone knows he is wrong on many issues but his character wont allow him to admit as much.

The lie gets bigger and bigger and he no longer has any control over it.


And to think I let him tap me on the head at graduation!


Great article by Moshe Arens, in Haaretz.
You have to figure that Goldstone missed to boat when even Haaretz sees a problem in what he did.


When will we hear the real reason for Hamas starting a major conflict in the Middle East,my point being
does the Judge know this reason and what is it so we can make our own judgments.If the Arab/Muslim power in the UN condones the Goldstone report then they are condoning Hamas and it,s terror campaign ,if they condemn it then Israel,s off the hook so to speak.

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