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October 07, 2009



yes I'm sure Barak will give the IDF a fair trial.

the Hebrew prophet

Everyone,s missing the point here.Israel uprooted all it,s settlements in the Gaza strip in 2005 and left for good.Since there was no Israeli presence in the area what was Hamas hoping to achieve by sending 1000,s of Qasssams etc. into Sderot and Ashkelon,ter
rorising the civilian population .Let Justice Goldstone and his bosses at the UN answer this if they aren,t to busy wrist slapping Hamas?


Let's be fair here. Should be no such a siege on Gaza, I'm sure they will have no reason to send any Qassam towards israel. The desperate life Palestinian children have to live in Gaza gives them no other choices to think about.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

oh well, as long as YOU're sure isr1 I'm sure that's good enough for the Israeli's to put their trust in. After all, why would they have reason to doubt YOUR deep understanding of palestinian culture and motivations.

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