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September 03, 2009


The Blacklisted Dictator

What a pity that Finkelstein's South African minders didn't give him a few guidelines in how the system works here. There certainly isn't much chance of this ANC govt boycotting Israel if he repeats such reactionary views!

Do you think we have an "apartheid industry" in South Africa, and if so, is it along the lines of what has sometimes been alleged regarding the holocaust?

There are a lot of people in South Africa who have exploited apartheid. A lot of people in the ANC became millionaires under black empowerment.


Finkelstein who praised Hezbollah leaders face to face for their "courage" against Israel in the 2006 war, went on record in showing his appreciation of the South African "Jewish" petition signed by Doron Isaacs, Nathan Geffen et al against Israel in the Gaza conflict at the beginning of this year.

Finkelstein gave this petition signed by Isaacs, Geffen, Zapiro etc the Finkelstein stamp of approval, writing approvingly and admiringly that "South African Jews say NO"

I wonder if Geffen, Zapiro, Isaacs etc are proud of the fact that they have earned the admiration and support of a Hezbollah admirer and all-round anti-Semite and liar Norman Finkelstein?


Of course! They loving the exposure. They love Finky winky.


Sun Finky Winky is funny but I prefer Stinky Finky.

It is more appropriate-considering the stink he creates where ever he goes.

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