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September 03, 2009



How exactly would we go about supporting him? Most of us here aren't US citizens.


Well you could help raise money for 1.

You could also tell your friends that are American to vote for him.


I think Joel is making a mistake. Congress is an unfunny circus, all empty theatrics and corrupt to the core. Everywhere politics is ruinous and a poison, in America though it takes on a circus-like folly unseen anywhere else in the West. Mike, if he's running for Congress (in Illinois right?) then you have to be an Illinois resident to vote for him, or am I wrong? Joel is naive if he thinks he can change things from the inside, reform the system from within as it were. He will just get swallowed up by it, that is if he is successful in his bid for Congress.

David Schraub

Pollak is going to get spanked, and deservedly so. He's running against Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D) in one of the most liberal districts in the country (D+20). Obama won the district with 72% of the vote, Schakowsky regularly breaks 75%.

I also don't see where Pollak has an angle on Schakowsky in terms of drawing support from the Jewish community. She's on the Midwest Governing Council of the Jewish Congress and is almost certainly more tied into the local Jewish community than Pollak is. On the issues, Schakowsky is strongly supportive of Israel and always has been throughout her entire Congressional tenure, while likewise being broadly supportive of the peace process -- a stance in line with the American Jewish community and her district. Beyond Israel, of course, Pollak is a run of the mill conservative, and Schakowsky is a staunch liberal, which, from both my perspective and the perspective of most district (and Jewish) voters, makes her a better fit.

Of course, if one has views closer to Pollak than Schakowsky, than by all means support the challenge. But that's a set of persons which includes precious few Jews (in the Illinois 9th District or nationwide).


Go Joel, Jan and her friends wanted "change" now give it to them!

Bryna Kanarek

If Schakowsky is such a staunch supporter of Israel, where was her voice when for the first time in US History, the administration under Obama did not vote against the UN Sanction to force Israel to reveal their nuclear weapons. She was silent. Or the fact that the administration has not gone to Israel yet, where is her voice?


if anyone think that Schakowskyis a supporter of Israel he/she is so much wrong. She is neocommie, corrupted, deceiptive liar. She does not care about this country at all as the most of her party of neocommunists (under sight of Democrats) collegues do. They are all selling out kind of bolsheviks. What they want is to seize power forever. It is very dangerous situation as our country can be transform very soon to kind of former USSR, Cuba, Venezuala, etc. My fellow Americans who vere so lucky to be born here don't understand that it is real threat. We are people who lived under socializm some part of life see that democrats and Schakowsky are using the same tactics as commies in socialists countries (see above). I recomend everybody to read at least the book on this subject "United in hate" by Jimie Glazov. It is honest open eyes book for people who are looking for truth and understanding of what is going now.
If we People miss the opportunity to change situation to take this country back we are doomed.
Don't give up, help Joel win. It is our destiny not only his.
I was on the meeting with him. He is a great candidate. Just do utmost to help him win.


Mary, I think you are paranoid. No neocommies are going to take over America. I hope Joel wins but I also think that Obama has done a brilliant job so far.

What do you mean by taking this country back? You mean back from the black don't you?


Mary- do you understand the difference between socialism and communism? They are VERY different. Israel is a socialist country, as is Denmark,Canada and many other western countries. Communist countries are like the old Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, etc. Are you comparing Israel with North Korea?

Jonah Bruck

It was nice seeing at your event the other day. EXCELLENT!!!
I had a question but they ran out of time answering & didn't want to bother you that day. Do you think Israel should give back land for peace???

Religious Fundamentalist 1


Many many people believe land should be exchanged for peace.

However, through experience, logic and a shrewd assessment of those claiming to be offering peace for land, it is fairly obvious that "peace" isn't actually on the table.

In other words, you're posing a completely hypothetical question.

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