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July 16, 2009



"The campaign raised $1.67 million, according to telethon organizers, who said little Greek children had gone so far as to break their piggy banks to offer $14 to Palestinians in need"

What is so special about the Palestinians? There are so many people all over Africa and Asia who are in far greater need and are straving to death.
The Palestinians get more foreign aid than the whole of sub-Saharan Africa put together.

David Zinn

Uhhhh, how about some citation for that claim about aid there Gary, you racist Zionist fool. Nothing makes the Palestinians "special", but what makes the Jews so "special" that they are allowed to steal Palestinian land to found their state, slaughter countless Palestinian children, demolish Palestinian houses, steal yet more Palestinian land every year, collectively punish the people of Gaza which is illegal under the Fourth Geneva Conventions, use white phosphorous against a civilian population, also illegal under international law, build settlements on occupied territory which is also illegal under international law, building an annexation wall now over 400 kilometres in length also deemed illegal by the ICJ, not to mention implementing racist policies within the State of Israel such as Jews only beaches and sports clubs? I could also mention the moves prior to the last Israeli elections to ban Arab parties from competing, and the various pieces of legislation seriously debated in the Knesset to jail people for mentioning the Nakba, the "catastrophe" at the heart of Israel's genocidal founding, and to compel all citizens of Israel, under pain of jail time, to pledge allegiance to the Jewish character of the Israeli state.

Asking that Israel behaves like a civilised state, something it has never done since 1948, isn't the same as saying that the Palestinians are "special", though based on past experience with your rigidly ideological faction, in the world of the Zionist all attempts at fairness are deemed "unfair", and all attempts to report honestly what is going on in the Israel/Palestine conflict is instantly considered "biased". To you lot only painting Israel as a paragon of snow white purity can possibly be considered "balanced".

David Zinn

I suppose to the Zionists of this world there is nothing "special" about this story:

Gaza artist, survivor finds power in paint

Palestinian artist Ziad Deeb next to an image that he made of his family members killed during Israel's attacks on Gaza last winter.

From the entrance of the house, one can observe the whole tragedy. On 6 January 2009, an Israeli artillery shell landed in the front yard of the Deeb family home in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza strip. A large, wide hole in the ground and two missing walls are all that remain. Sitting in his wheelchair in the corner, Ziad, 22, is the last survivor of the Deeb family. He lost both legs during the attack, and 10 relatives were killed including his father, grandmother, brothers, nieces and nephews.

Ziad chose a different and unlikely way to mourn. He was a graduate of Gaza's College of Fine Arts when Israel's winter invasion began. When it was over, he started drawing -- on wood, on the walls of the city streets, in front of destroyed government buildings, and public squares.

Ziad explained that his art is "the best way I can express myself." He added that, "It took me only seconds to look around and see my family members drowning in their own blood. I didn't hear the explosion, it was only a loud whistling sound, and dark smoke blocked my vision. But I could smell the strong odor of blood and when I tried to move myself I saw my legs ripped apart. Then the smoke became less and I saw everyone around me was dead and I thought I was too."

Ziad says that memories of the massacre inspire him "to keep painting more and more, I believe this is the only thing that can't be taken away from me and my disability can't be an obstacle." He adds that "as weird as it might sound, this ugly memory urges me to go further with my arts. If I can't be heard, my paintings can be seen. I draw for peace, now that's how much I believe in the power of colors, paintbrushes and art itself."

Mohammed Deeb, 33, Ziad's uncle was only few meters away when the attack occurred. Ziad now lives with his uncle who helps him to move around and tries to help him live something like a normal life. Mohammed expressed his admiration of his nephew's courage stating that, "He survived a catastrophe. I have no idea how he got this strength, but I do believe God gave him patience and creativity to overcome such a difficult ordeal. His art is unique in Gaza." He added with teary eyes that, "He is special, there is no doubt about that."

In spite of the tragedy, Ziad still enjoys spending time with his friends and playing the oud and other musical instruments. As his uncle explains, "they took his family's life but they couldn't take the life out of him."

Ziad showed his excitement for new art projects and exhibitions he is planning to participate in by starting new techniques of wood-based carvings copied from paper paintings in color and black and white. He explained that "I have dreams to pursue, if not for myself, then for the memory of my family. They are in a better place, I just know this for a fact. Losing them caused me wounds that can never heal but I won't allow the sadness to defeat me. In the end that's what it takes to make great art, to never be defeated."

by Eman Mohammed

Published on 23 July 2009 and reposted from


I am Jewish and a Zionest. I also deplore the continuation of the "struggle" of our extreamist, which have helped continued this stupid conflect. They have moral and ethical responsibilities here, but I wish to bring attention to one item-there never had to be one shot fired between Jew and non-Jew!
His Royal Highness of Jordan, King Abdullah the 1st, approached the governing Jewish agency in Jewish Palistine,in 1947,to study the possibility of merger of all the territories under his rule. The Jewish angency, after much debate,agreed. They reasoned that at least many Jews in Europe could be saved, and the arrangement was for simi-atonomy.
King Abdullah was also approached-by the rulers of the surronding Arab Countries. He was told; "You sign, you die!" He withdrew his offer, the area did not become Jordanian, and several wars were fought. Also, this courageous man was murdered on Islam's third most holy site; the Mosk of Omar, in 1953.
Both sides/nations have legitament wrongs done, as to be expected in such an emotional and political conflect. I challenge all parties to put aide all diffences, so the tragidy you and many other humans-Jew, Christian, Muslem, Druz and other have suffered can become a terrible part of a past, not the continued sadness we still suffer. If you truely believe in God, let us all join to bring all parties involve to the peace table, and hammer out a treaty all can live with, instead of this chaos we are all dying because of. Selem, Shaom.Yechiel


Mr. Ziad, I intended to also expressed my sympathy for your lost. Words cannot remove the pain you feel, but hopefully, with His blessings, we can work to prevent future traggidies. Shalom, Selem, my brother.

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