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June 18, 2009



That is mind-bogglingly stupid.

Also - in before the flame war!


Indeed. Very scary that they want him as a Constitutional Court judge.

What's the flame war?



Religious Fundamentalist 1

Ariel, my apologies.

I've realised the futility in drawing out a persons axioms and disproving the argument as well as knocking down shaky pillars in world views.

People just can't handle being wrong.

I won't bother with it again. Your comments on blog etiquette are humbly received.


Hi RF1

Wasn't really talking about you but rather some of the more shall we say, angry, posters that visit here.


This is utterly unacceptable we should not accept this anit-semitic diatribe!!!

We can not be silent when such filth is being expounded



Interesting post.

With all due respect over how difficult it is to make aliyah {I know. I came here 12 yrs. ago, alone and with 300 dollars in my pocket.}, I still do not understand why South Africa Jews are still in South Africa.


I am not a Jew and I passionately dislike Tony Leon. On the Hlphe issue, howeer, he is right! Hlophe is a useless, elitist judge, who doesnt care for jstice or the poor. The fact that his supporters use Israel and Palestine politics to defend him is disgusting. Whether Leon is a Jew or not or supporter of Israel is not relevant to Hlphe being a bad judge

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