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April 13, 2009



No offense to People magazine or the efforts of Gill and Rolene but we aren't exactly getting through to the best publication in terms of journalism or readership here


On the contrary Joe.

A single edition of People's magazine will have a readership to the order of magnitudes higher than say, an op-ed piece in the Star newspaper.

The readership may not be as intellectual as the readers of the economist, but they are just as influential. Mothers who educate their children.

Add to that the fact that these magazines have a much longer shelf life than that op-ed piece in the Star. Doctors etc will have them lying around in their waiting rooms for ages.

I think we pay the ordinary newsprint way too much respect. Articles in You and People have greater impact.

Incidentally, Gill Katz had an article on Sderot published in You magazine not too long ago. You magazine is the best selling magazine in South Africa.

Well done Gill and Rolene!


Steve, I didn't mean breadth of readership.
But I concede the point that the readership numbers outweigh a newspaper op-ed piece.
And the point that, unfortunately, People and You magazine have a large following.

Gill Katz

Correction Steve!
I had an article in FAIR LADY magazine late last year. I did have an article for YOU magazine on Sderot this year, but the editor renaged, citing "Public pressure when articles on Israel - Gaza are published, as her reason for cancelling on me.

Thank you Steve for highlighting Media Team Israel and the work we all do. It's a thankless hard job, and we have an uphill battle.


Some of the most educated, well-read, enlightened people I know read People Magazine for a touch of the "don't take yourself so seriously" feel. Hey, its working for me. Enough already with the "important" reads. I like to get away from it all by taking a 45 minute "People" walk. It's just enough to make me glad it is not my lifestyle. Ahhh. See, all better already. ( ;

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