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April 22, 2009


Empress Trudy

Norway wants to prosecute the entire last government as war criminals. So their criticism is worth less than nothing.

Castor Troye

Well done to the students, NGO's and Jewish groups that have turned this conference around and have saved Israel from another bashing.

One of the successes of the Palestinian lobby (in the past) has been the repitition of crowd pleasing mantras that have become more acceptable the more the lie has been repeated (repitition is the best form of argument). Simple slogans like "Apartheid Israel" have had an impact.

I found this quote from an Israel rally reported in

"protesters held a large sign that stated: "Zionism is our response to racism."

I think in turning the tables around, Jewish activists must also create a universal mantra that is simple to absorb but sums up an argument. I found this quote as a possible answer to an 8 year question. Any other suggestions...?


"The International Jewish Caucus is incensed that a man representing a country inflicting such grotesque human rights violations (besides his Holocaust Denial and `wipe Israel off the map’ statements) could be allowed to be one of the introductory speakers at a conference purporting to further the causes of Human Rights and opposing racism."

This comment gives more importance to Amedinajad's speech than it deserves. He was not the introductory speaker. As a head of state he was entitled to deliver a statement. If any other head of states were present they would also be entitled to deliver statements.

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