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April 26, 2009



Interesting opinion from a Palestinian writer... well as interesting as normal anyway.


Thanks for enlightening us. You guys did a great job in Geneva. Jews all over the world should be grateful and proud of the work you guys did. My own govt (Australia) boycotted the event. I don't know how you feel about that as you attended BUT the decision to boycott was I'd say universally welcomed by the Aust Jewish Community, excluding of course the small band of israel-haters

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Didn't see this on News24, did you?

The Blacklisted Dictator

You point out the anomaly... Australia boycotted the event but Jewish groups attended. Can somebody please explain the logic.... why was it appropriate to encourage nations to boycott Durban 2 whilst it was ok for Jewish groups to attend? Of course, Israel, quite rightly boycotted it but diaspora Jewry pitches up! And they are lauded for it. I apologize for my stupidity but I am unable to understand what underlying principle is dictating such a strategy.

The Blacklisted Dictator

I emailed Melanie Phillips ( and asked her why she thought that some Jewish groups attended Durban 2. This is her response....

"Well, I think they thought they could affect the outcome by changing the text for the better. As such in my view they didn't understand what was actually at stake, nor the adverse effects of their participation. They were also very conscious that there had been no organised opposition at Durban 2001 to the outbreak of antisemitism and wanted to ensure that this time the Jews would be defended against such antisemitic expressions. Their motives were therefore idealistic, but that does not alter the fact that they were naive and very misguided."

The Blacklisted Dictator

I have asked David Harris the following on his JPost blog...

Why did The USA wait until just the conference commenced before deciding to boycott Durban 2?
Surely it would have been better if Obama had taken a moral lead much earlier and had also thereby encouraged other nations to bocott it?
And were you surprised that what emerged was "tragedy masquerading as farce"? Surely such a theatrical display was inevitable?
The following question must be answered... "Was The AJC wise to give the impression prior to the conference that negotiations with participants might radically alter the anti-zionist agenda?"

As for the Bernie Madoff "joke" about business ethics (quoted by Wendy Kahn), the less repeated the better. It only serves to give credence to the slur that criminal Jewish financiers were behind the economic crash.
Wendy Kahn should think more carefully before blogging mush such material.

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