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March 31, 2009



Howard is clearly way out of line on this one. If he would just listen to the deputy foreign minister he would know Jews control Western money.

Perhaps if he called in a couple favours he could get what he wanted without bothering the government. That way they wouldnt be distracted from important issues like fighting counter-revoluntionairies and the renaming of roads.

Besides I checked, micronesia way out of his league. The best he can hope for is some (very) quiet diplomacy in a foreign policy lucky dip.



Is this going to be published in any editorials or papers?

David Hersch

Nice bit of sarcasm, but if this was really sent to Motlanthe, it will find its way immediately into the ANC trash can long before he even lays eyes on it and be duly ignored, not that it doesn't fully contain the truth.

I think a less sarcastic, mature and serious letter containing all these facts would have been so much better and made a far greater impact. It could then have been reprinted in local papers and made a good point. In this format it is irritating to read and will be ignored, whilst Howard thinks he is very clever for writing it, not that a more serious and mature version would not be ignored either.

Rework it Howard and resubmit.

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