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March 12, 2009



There you go again... "the Zionist doctrine". I love how you guys pretend that you don't carry the Protocols of Zion around under your yamikas! We all know you do, so just stop pretending like you don't know what he's talking about! :)


Nope, we Jews wear “Yamikas” to hide our horns.
How about some serious discussion about religious intolerance?

Anybody willing to write a scholarly work or newspaper article that is critical of the actions of the Prophet Mohammed?


This is going to sound like a bit of an ad-Hominem - but I guess that's allowed since you've already debunked the content of Kasrils's assertions - but why do we (collectively as human being) allow unrepentant communists in the Marxist tradition to lecture people about human rights?

Looking at by far the most prominent Communist regimes (Soviet Union, China under the Great Leap Forward), we now know that Lenin, Stalin and Mao all had similar kill-ratios (number of civilian deaths divided by number ruled and number of years in power) to Hitler. By far the most 'effective' communist regime, the Khmer Rouge, killed 1/5 of the population of Cambodia in 4 years. Why do we (again, collectively as human beings) tolerate the SACP and its members any more than we would tolerate a South African Fascist Party?


A rough approximation of the more then 100 million people butchered by Communism USSR : 20 million deaths China : 65 million deaths Vietnam : 1 million deaths North Korea : 2 million deaths Cambodia : 2 million deaths Eastern Europe : 1 million deaths Latin America : 150 000 deaths Africa : 1.7 million deaths Afghanistan : 1.5 million deaths The international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power : about 10 000 deaths .
The ANC and SACP supported all of the excesses of the Soviet Union between the 1950's and the collapse of that evil entity in 1991, including the invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan.
They still support the excesses if Red China, Cuba
and for that matter even non-Marxist Islamic totalitarian regimes.
As regards fat Ronnie, should we tolerate him screaming that Hamas who have killed hundreds of Jewish children as patriots.


Derikboy you should stick to taking photographs and writing about the trivia in your life as per your blog. Your nature pictures are beautiful though and I guess you also seem to have a food fetish as well (?) judging from all the pictures of fast food joints in New Zealand .... I could almost taste all the items on display and I can also taste your brain dead prejudice against us Yamulka boys! :)


sorry Derikboy for misreading you - above entry. In terms of your pics on your blog your are quite a boytjie and your sense of humour is gourmet!:)

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