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March 27, 2009



I wonder if the same "Jews" who signed the petition condemmning the SAJB for supporting Israel, will now get another one condemmning the SAJB for taking action against Masuku, and say that Masuku was actually perfectly correct.

the pil

I think that question of yours (Gary) should be put to them? How can one do that without it turning nasty?

Religous Fundamentalist 1

I refer the readership to Mr Ezra Levant and his struggle against the thought police. See

As odious as Masuku's views are, they are best aired publicly and the population at large can then laugh at his risible "intellectualism" and abhorrent bigotry.

The Human Rights commission is a short cut to pushing him underground and martyrdom in the short term, and a general clampdown on freedom of speech in the long run.

Short of libel or calls to violence, which are prosecutable under common law (in brief), free speech should be dearly protected, at least until the UN starts prosecuting blasphemy.


Errrh...RF1. Masuku did make very explicit calls to violence.

Religous Fundamentalist 1

errh...Gary.That's not obvious from the quotes included in the post. And moreover doesn't take away from the point. errrh.

The Blacklisted Dictator

Dear Patrick Craven,

As you are aware, I attended Bongani Masuku's recent tirade at Wits University:

Unfortunately, Masuku did not tell the Zionist students precisely what methods Cosatu will use to force them out of South Africa.

As a precursor to "forced emigration", Masuku said that Cosatu would make the lives of all Zionists... "hell". What precisely did Masuku mean??...

(1) After the election, is Cosatu going to arrest such students and take them to special Cosatu camps for re-education?

(2) Will such camps be open to Red Cross observers?

(3) Will South African Jewish students be tortured or will they just have to attend anti-zionist lectures?

(4) Will Cosatu supply kosher food or will it be run on Nazi guidelines with limited non-kosher rations?

It is important that Cosatu now informs the SA electorate exactly what methods they will use to deal with The South African Jewish Question.



RF 1, are you dense or dsid you just not read the post?
"to confront Jews who support Israel wherever they might be, even if this means doing something that, in his own words, “may necessarily cause what is regarded as harm”. He has further threatened that COSATU will take vigilante action against Jewish families believed to have members serving in the Israeli Defense Force".

How much more baltant does he have to be. What if I said the same thing about Muslims who support 'Palestine', I'd still be in prison.

Are you here to discuss things or just to play the role of an aggravating and abrasive mosquito?


I agree with Gary. I think this is clearly hate speech. There was definitely incitement to violence against Jews.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

I'm trying to raise the subject of freedom of speech and that incitement to violence should be dealt with in a court of law. Some vaguely defined notion of 'the right not to be offended' should not be prosecuted by a kangaroo court of touchy feely human rights. Ergo Levant.

Try focus on the topic Gary.

As an aside, I'm not aware that "harm" is exclusively used in the sense of physical violence. In any event, I'm not disputing the point.


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looks like some spambots have found IAS


Joe, there are over 50 spam comments that the system auto filters each day. That is why some legitimate comments get filtered as spam. Its a price worth paying...

Eve Isk

I have further threatened that COSATU will take vigilante action against Jewish families believed to have members serving in the Israeli Defense Force!


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