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March 17, 2009



Excellent news. It's about time we get some justice in the Middle East.


Agreed Themba. Finally there will be acknowledgment of all the rockets from Hamas in Gaza targeting Israeli civilians, and Hamas's use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.
Thankfully Israel has little to worry about as she doesn't target civilians.


Great idea.

Israel should cooperate with this investigation and agree to full participation.
Does anybody wish to comment on the following articles in the Geneva Convention?

• The treatment of prisoners? I.e. access to the Red Cross.
• Civilian areas may not be used as a base of military operations. Because…
• Firing FROM a civilian area makes is liable for retaliatory fire!
• The use of Civilian clothing by Combatants
• The use of an enemy’s military uniform in a combat situation.
• White phosphorus is not mentioned as an illegal weapon by any Geneva protocols.
• The only article in the Geneva Convention that deals with “disproportion force” speaks about hand held stabbing object and clubs versus projectile weaponry.

Will Hamas or the PA agree to fully cooperate with bodies that investigate the above mentioned?

Empress Trudy

Based on their other self professed 'successes' in rooting out all these crimes and leading the guilty to justice, this might not be a bad thing. It doesn't look as if these tools could find their asses with both hands and a GPS.


Oh, but didn't you hear? The ICC is an evil racist court. Or so say various African leaders (t.v. news this morning, can't find a web link), while protecting that tyrant al-Bashir from prosecution.

Darfur is possibly the most chilling example of ethnic cleansing in recent memory. But the fact that the ICC is investigating four African countries apparently makes it racist. Never mind that in the other three countries (CAR, DRC and Uganda) it was actually the governments of those countries who requested the investigation.


The ICC is largely influenced by the antisemitic legal jihadist M. Cherif Bassiouni (I've read his stuff, including revisionist Middle East history, & he's not just anti-Israel, but anti-Jewish). He likely has ties with former Chicago law lecturer Barack Obama (almost certainly a Muslim), since Bassiouni himself is a Muslim Chicago law professor. He also trains Hamas front group CAIR on how to wage legal jihad. You commenters here need to wake up to the threat & methods of commanded Islamic imperialism & genocide of Jews. As for the absurd "war crimes" charge, please google the YouTube playlist "Israel Good, Hamas Bad...It's that simple" for a reality check.


I can all but guarantee you that Barak Obama isn't a Muslim.


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