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February 23, 2009



I also saw Waltz with Bashir recently. Purely in terms of cinematography and animation it is excellently executed. I thought the story was average, 7/10.

Mike, you are unfair to center your critique on what the film doesn't address. The main theme is of personal memory and the reliving of trauma. It is not a political film and doesn't set to answer questions on reasons for the war or the current situation. It doesn't say anything new about the Sabra and Shatila Massacre and follows fairly closely the conclusions of the Kahan commission. It is like critiquing the English Patient for not going into the complexities of WW2.

Personally. I left the movie, thinking that in twenty five years I would be watching another movie of another traumatized life. Wondering, what I have been wondering for a while, where does all this end?


Benjamin, where did you see it? Is it showing in SA? Nevou (sp?) perhaps?


A bootlegged copy from a friend. Sorry. I missed the Oscars but if it got nominated or won it might get released in SA. The next Israeli film festival at Nouveau, I would think, should screen it.


It got nominated but didn't win.


“Waltz” is just like all the other Israeli movies made over the past 15 years that depicts IDF soldiers as post traumatic wimps?
See also Yossi and Jagger, Abufour (Beaufort) , Two fingers from Sidon and others

The vast majority of IDF soldiers who saw combat in Lebanon, from 1982 until 2000 are fully functioning members of society.

How about a film that focuses on the “RPG children”
These were Arafat’s famous Tiger Cub’s squads... 10 year old children who were given anti-tank rocket to shoot at Israeli vehicles in Lebanon.
Unlike what happened in the movie “Waltz”, the majority of these children killed themselves because they didn’t know how to correctly shoot the missiles or they were not strong enough to withstand the blast recoil.
Better yet, let’s talk about having peace with people who would do this to their own children.


Of course, this will be passed over, as the real issues so often are on this bolg. but the question should not be whether the Israelis could have done more to prevent the Palestinians (only a small portion of these were actually women and children)being killed at Sabra and Shatilla, but instead the 100 000 Christians killed in the 7 years before by the PLO and Syrians, what the Christian Lebanese endured at the hands of the Palestinians, the draining of blood of young Christian Lebanese for transfusion to Palestinian terrorists, have you heard of the massacre at Damour , Mike?
Probabley not.


Funny, I keep posting messages but they keep never appearing on this blog.
Has it been overtaken by the politically correct thought police?


Gary, I have. I didnt mention it in my post but after the movie that was one of the first points I brought up. The Palestinians are not the angels those on the far left would have them be. I thought I made the point clear in the post.

no thought police I promise. we are experiencing heavy traffic lately. thats could be the reason for the technical problems posting. But Steve would know more about that than me.


yeah Gary there have been technical problems here of late. I sent a post through on another thread the other day and it never went through, and I tried several times. It happens, ISP problems, router problems or something.

As for Bashir, I am actually the only person over the age of 12 in Israel who has not seen it, I think. I actually have a DVD copy that I bought, but I haven't got round to watching it yet. But everybody has an opinion on it, I can't think of an Israeli film that has been talked about like this...ever. Man I must watch it this week...


Interesting to know that it has chalked up such a storm. Lawrence, I went to look for comments from Gary mistakenly marked as spam and when I did so I found the one you referring to. I published it. I didn't find any from Gary though.


Oh, I had though, that I had been put by you and Mike, into a special quarantine system whereby my comments (and only my comments) would be quarantined until approved.

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