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February 23, 2009



That's quite the smackdown Steve.

Shmuel ben David

Well done Steve! Where did the despicable Jassat's article appear? If in a publlication, please pass your findings and reply on.


Brilliant work!!!. Wow. thats a shocking gun if ever I have seen one!

Joel Pollak

There was also Holocaust denial on the old MRN website, including an op-ed opposing the opening of the Cape Town Holocaust Museum.

Joel Pollak

Holocaust denial on the MRN website - click the links:


- The continual reference to the “ holocaust” prompts me to asks a few simple questions

- On the Holocasut Museum

david Saks

Excellent detective work! I had a feeling the MRN would fall back on brazen denialism.

Bev Goldman

Well done, Steve - you have really exposed them for what they are. Now we wait and see how they extricate themselves from this latest lie - which no doubt they will do using every obfuscation possible.


The galloping men and women of the Mindless Redundandant Network once again do their slight of hand magic act! When will they learn that peace in Israel between her and her neighbours will come when they deal with their paranoia and make some helpful suggestions instead of playing 'j'accuse' and "I deny' games on ad nasueum like skittery schoolgirls. Do they not know about computer technology and the ability to trace archives?
Their rhetoric is becoming beyond boring and banal.


Hi Shmuel,
The Jassat article is already linked to in the post above. Just click on the title of his article.

The Blacklisted Dictator

Date: 31 August 2007 1:04:32 AM
To: Jane Duncan , na'eem jeenah


Dear Jane Duncan and Na'eem Jeenah,

I refer you to the following cartoon which is on the homepage of the Media Review Network website.

Please would you congratulate The MRN (who have recently written on your behalf) for using, what seems to me, to be an old-fashioned anti-semitic cartoon.

Is it possible that you could also feature this cartoon on The FXI website? It would remind your readers that The Jews are inherently evil and should be exterminated asap.

The Blacklisted Dictator

Assuming that you are not going to attach the MRN cartoon which appeared in Sep 2007, let me describe it....

The cartoon shows a man with a massive hooked nose. A standard antisemitic sterotype. He is wearing a US stars and stripes hat and dark glasses. In one lens is an oil well, in the other a magen dovid. And he is holding the world, in the form of a globe, on a string.



Have you asked your firend Virginia how she feels about the MRN's not so Kosher comments? More interesting I guess is what does Stephan Friedman have to say? Do you think he supports Holocuast denial these days if it serves the cause of Israel's destruction? I would love to be a fly on the wall in Virginia and Stephan's bed room. Can you imagine the pillow talk. Maybe you could give us a poem on it.

The Blacklisted Dictator

I shall let the idea of a holocaust denial poem ruminate.
I think that Friedman and Tilley would subscribe to any idea under the sun that undermines the state of Israel. If they had to say that the world was flat for Israel to disappear off the map, they would.
One has to understand that from their perspective, Israel is the most evil entity that has ever existed. As a result, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mugabe, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Mussolini and Ahmadinejad are all preferable to Tzipi Livni. Even if their crimes were added together, they would still be preferable to Tzipi Livni. One just has to accept this as a PC leftist anti-racist anti-imperialist etc approach to The Middle East.


Igbal Jassat se (bak)oore brand nou seker aanhoudend na Steve se oulike forensic audit op die MRN!
Well done Steve for exposing past vicious anti-semitic content on the MRN website. Jassat's pretence to the world that the website does not have an anti-semitic agenda has been unambiguously exposed for all to see. Jassat would want all to believe and buy into the lie that the website's mission is purist anti-Zionist with no overriding anti-semitic tag attached. Purist anti-Zionist? Was Martin Buber ever on the editorial Board of the MRN???


I am not a fan of Iqbal Jasat, but perhaps mike and steve should be engaging Jassat with the other issues he raises in the article? especially the "anti-zionism = anti-semitism" debate which has emerged in our community recently.


Hi Ruth,
We have in fact extensively discussed that topic on this blog. In front page posts as well as in comments discussions.

I personally don't believe it is worth engaging Jassat on those issues. His website has been delegetimised with unquestionably antisemitic material that is in no way related to Israel. Why then should we engage with him on the distinction between anti-Zionism and antisemtisim?

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