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February 10, 2009


Castor Troye

Steve, how do you know it is Bongani and not someone impersonating him? Who knows maybe Mo and Bongani might even be schizophrenically the same person.

Bonagani - if that is you or Mo or Santa Claus, would like me to go back to Hitler and the gas chambers. Thank you very much, with that kind of talk, I think I will just have to get to Israel even quicker and enjoy my sweet medicine there with the other millions of refugees. You lose! you just sent another 10 "Zionists" packing.

Would you like to join? I hear they treat black people there remarkably well as opposed to the Arabs who have a derogatory name for you. I would never dare say it because I have respect for human dignity (as opposed to you who just through every slander against the Jews that has been thought of in the past 2000 years), but maybe ask Na'eem and all the other chaps at the PSC,cASTO who are using you like a tool, what they call you behind your back.


Bongani Masuku you indulge in projection, not that you would know what that is - it means in this case accusing the Jews of what you are guilty of, namely fascism and Nazism.

Like Hitler and the Nazis you are anti-Zionist, Masuku. Like their successors today, the neo-Nazis the world over who admire and hero-worship Hitler and the Nazis - these neo-Nazis just like you, are anti-Zionist. How come Masuku you share your anti-Zionism with the Hitler worshipping neo-Nazi white supremacists who also hate black people? What a coincidence don't you think? Also, you share your anti-Zionism with HAMAS and all other Muslim fanatic terrorist supporters the world over who just like your and their fellow anti-Zionists the neo-Nazis also admire and hero worship Hitler. All these fellow anti-Zionists of yours, the neo-Nazis and Muslim fanatics like HAMAS and Hezbollah and Ahmandinjehad in Iran, want to finish off where their hero Hitler left off and exterminate millions of more Jews. So you are so much like them Masuku, you share your anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism with Hitler worshipping neo-Nazis and Hitler worshipping Muslim fanatics in the millions, the world over.

How come your position on the Israel/Palestinian conflict is the same as millions of Hitler worshippers the world over Bongani Masuku? Well I guess that is to be expected. Like you, Hitler worshipping neo-Nazis (who hate you as well btw even though you both have the common enemy of the Jew) and the millions of Hitler worshipping Muslim fanatics (who hate you too of course, even though you serve them as a useful idiot, you are after all an unbelieving infidel) the world over are all anti-Zionist.


The IP address host traces to COSATU.


Will COSATU similarly target e.g. Muslims? After all Arab countries commit crimes violations far worse than those Israel stands accused of. For example, the genocide in Sudan has likely resulted in far more death and ethnic cleansing in the last few weeks than has fifty years of bitter conflict between Israel and the Arabs. And South Africa has been involved in arms deals with some of these murderous, imperialist Arab regimes.

I have one explanation for why COSATU will not: because they are sniveling cowards, and they know that if they marched through Lenasia their skulls would be crushed.

Joel Pollak

What "brothers and sisters"? The very idea that a confederations of unions would take sides (especially in so crude a manner) in a dispute among nations is hostile to the internationalist ethos of trade unionism. In Zimbabwe, Cosatu stands with trade unions against a repressive government; in Palestine, Cosatu stands with a repressive government (Hamas) that kills workers on both sides of the border in the name of religious and nationalist extremism. Quite apart from the stupid and destructive bigotry of Cosatu's actions and rhetoric, it has betrayed its own values rather pathetically.


The leadership of COSATU are trying to distract attention from their corruption, self-interest and their selling out of worker's interests with their Jew-baiting. COSATU's alliance with the ANC is proof of the complete disregard of the COSATU leadership for the interests of the working class. An age-old tactic of 'distract by Jew baiting' excelled at by European royalty and aristocracy in the Middle-Ages and Renaissance, and of course it has never ceased.

Another thing, since COSATU are radical "left-wing" (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) their Jew-hatred is classic leftwing anti-Semitism, ie seeing the Jew as the Medieival stereotype of the greedy rich oppressor of the poor. Hence COSATU's anti-Semitism is shared by many trade union movements around the world, including in Europe.

So COSATU workers are being duped by both their corrupt bosses and they likewise serve as the useful dupes of the Muslim Jihad.


TC writes:
"I have one explanation for why COSATU will not: because they are sniveling cowards, and they know that if they marched through Lenasia their skulls would be crushed."

I gotta disagree with you TC, COSATU just hate the Jews (for the reasons I state above), this has nothing to do with Israel, this is just their cover which they aren't even bothering to hide behind anymore. They hate the Jews and so they hate Israel, simple. Not the other way around. Hence the Joburg rally this week targeting Jews, not Israel.

COSATU have no hatred of Muslims really - their allies against the Jews -so there is no reason for them to show any outrage re Sudan or any other Muslim terror activity anywhere else. They don't hate Muslims, they just hate the Jews, hence we see the consequences. So they would never march in Lenasia, not out of cowardice, but what do they care for Darfur, or Pakistan or the global jihad anywhere else? - since they have no problems with Muslims, just Jews.

Blacklisted Dictator

I think that THE SAJDB was not fully aware that anti-semitism takes many different guises, particularly in the South African context. Looking for cemetery desecrations , swastika daubings and physical attacks on Jews etc is old yamulke/ hat and led to unnecessary complacency.

The SAJBD failed to analyse what was really going on in South Africa. It did not fully understand just how easily the ant-zionist rhetoric would transmute into main-stream anti-semitism.

I have to conclude that The SAJBD has been naive. Moreover, having faith in the "free media" to expose anti-semitism was extremely foolish given the nature of the extreme anti-zionist South African media.


Strange to call Muslims "Hitler worshipping fanatics" when what the Zionist are currently doing to Palestinians would make Hitler seem civilised.
The truth hurts, yes! Zionism is NO different from Apartheid and Nazism. Israel has and continues to murder. The state of current day Israel is established on stolen land! How honorable!
I look forward to and pray for the day that Israel OPPRESSION ceases or like many of you would add .... DESTROYED!!!!!
May the HAMAS ROCKETS rain down on every settler


Well if ever there was a clearer illustration of what the Archetypal psychologist, James Hillman, meant by the term "psychotic concretism" it is this "message" from (what appears to be) Cosatu's Bongani Masuku. My interpretation of this cogent term: without any tinge of metaphoric resonance, terminally and obsessively literal, fused self deceptively with the blackness of black or the snow-whiteness of white and without the redemption of the capacity to self-reflect beyond the coerced norms of ideological imposition.

Would Susan Sontag (one of my favourite writers) have turned a bluer hue than that blue-shroud-blue as captured on her deathbed by friend and photographer Annie Liebowitz had she been sent such a message? I think not. Falsely caricatured by some as exclusively Pro-Palestinian when in fact she was mostly Pro-Peace and with some nuance, I bet she would have responded as she did when accepting the Jerusalem Prize for Literature in 2001 (and this against the wishes of detractors including a local luminary who pleaded, unsuccessfully, with her not to go). She was talking about writers, but what she said is relevant here as well. Our task, she said, is to "refuse to be an accomplice of lies and misinformation"; it is to seek to express "nuance and contrariness against the voices of simplification": it is to "sponsor reflectiveness" and to "perceive complexity".

Well in the case of Bongani I am afraid he draws a complete and total blank on all counts and with the additional charge of taking the meaning of the term "psychotic concretism" to new heights of racial baiting.

So my advice to those understandably offended by his words is to simply ignore him.... at least for now .... maybe reflective transformation is in his future? ....

Blacklisted Dictator

"German journalist Malte Lehming of the daily Tagesspiegel explained that Holocaust denial and genocidal hatred is not allowed if it derives from the Western world, like British Williamson. If Muslims do the same thing, nothing happens. This hypocrisy paradigm applies particularly - but not only - to today's Germany.

If Arabs, other Muslims and their German friends scream "Death to the Jews," or "Israel - children killer", that's fine."

Und im Cosatu's Sud Afrika??


I'm leaving Mohammed's post for all to see. But don't even respond to him. What's that they say about feeding trolls?

Empress Trudy

You hope against hope that the people who hate you are merely misguided or misinformed. How silly. They're not retarded, they want you dead. Whatever they can use to convince someone ELSE that that's righteous, they will use to that end. How long are you going to convince yourself that in the end they will love you?


Isnt is sickening how the anti-Israel lobby can say what nthey want about Israel and us Zionists, but we have to be so creful of what we say.
Dennis Davis will threten to take anyone to the equality commission who compares Palestinians to Nazis.
But it is par for the course to copare Israelis (half of them the descendants of holocaust survivors) to Nazis.
And mo and Kasrils etc can openly call for the killing of Israelis.
But no zionist in SA would be allowed to say the same thing about Palestinians.
Where is Nathan Geffen, regarding Mo's post, after he was so snesitive about 'homophobia' and accussed us of racism for criticizing Hamas.Those SAHRD/Not in My Name petitioners who dont condemmn Mo's statements, I will have to assume they share his sentiments
Long live Israel.

At The Back of the Hill

Wew! I must say, that was a breath of particularly foul air!
Makes the folks on campus in Berkeley, SF, and Santa Cruz seem like a bunch of sweet puddings in comparison.
Well, not really. But so much less horrifying in comparison, due to lesser numbers, less connection with the government.


TC Cosatu wll protest against Muslims, Jews or anyone else that we think is pepertrating oppression. Comrade Bongani said at the protest that if Israel withdraws from all the occupied territories and allows palestinians to have a soveren state, then if there are rockets fired from gaza we will march on the palestinian embassy. And i want to add even on the muslim communtiy organisations that will support the rockets. Cosatu supports justice, not ethnic groups. Cosatu opposed injutice, not ethnic groups.


John, rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli population centers constitute a war crime whether Israel was occupying the West Bank and Gaza or not. You should be protesting against those at the same time as Israel then.


Bongani you are such a hypocrit its not even funny,you run an organisation that turns peaceful striking and protests into violence and riots,and now you want us too take you seriously in a positive manner???


and oh yes Bongani your heroes in govt just banned the Dalai Lamma,guess for who......NO OTHER THAN CHINA,WHOM HAVE A WORSE HUMAN RIGHTS TRACK RECORD THAN THE PREVIOUS APARTHEID REGIME=.


But its okay we understand,your fustration,your hero Adolf Hitler considers you an inferior human being and would have probably done alot worse to you than us, intelligence is debatable,you make Julius Malema seem like a rocket scientist.


rotflmao i really need to know this :-)


Lot of useful points are there. Its really keeps me updated.

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