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February 03, 2009


Blacklisted Dictator

Dear N,

Many thanks for your email. You told a chilling story and my Cc's should take note of the implications for this " progressive non-racist post-struggle ANC/ SACP anti-zionist democracy". However, I think that some of them are too embedded in the system to even begin to understand what is going on here.

Anti-semitism is also on the rise here in South Africa; it uses anti-zionist camouflage but is now beginning to show its true revolting colours.

Good news to hear that you are showing solidarity with the Venezuelan Jewish community.

We should keep each other updated on the latest developments.


Blacklisted Dictator

Good morning Maxxx,

Another day has broken in revolutionary Venezugaga. O socialismo o muerte!

Mi comandante arguably is crazy, at least bipolar. His political action
becomes increasingly erratic. His language is fascistic.

As you know he demonizes Israel for its intervention in the Gaza strip. He
recently celebrated in the media his personal moral triumph over Israel as
it kicked out all his embassy staff and organizes a lot of people in the
streets in support of the Palestinian cause. His foolish rhetoric has been
fueling blatant anti-Semitism for quite some time. In that climate, a group
of 15 armed and masked people stormed and vandalized the Jewish centre and
the main synagogue in a Nazi like manner. Most probably, the people belong
to his armed paramilitary and radical activists who remind me more and more
of SA troops. These People recently stormed and vandalized a cultural centre
and the police stood by and did nothing. It is quite scary.

Now, Huguito over the weekend publicly accused the opposition (he calls them
"the oligarchs") to have used some young people without soul (sin alma) to
provoke violence looking for blood. Not his supporters but the oligarchs
committed the atrocity against the Jewish centre just to blame it afterwards
to his government.

You need to know that mi comandante runs a new referendum to change the
constitution. He feels he needs another 200 years to implement socialism and
he knows that his people want him to serve his entire life but, so far, the
law does not allow it. Last year, he tried to change this - and lost. This
he considered a major political accident but, certainly, did not correspond
with what the people really want: Him. So, he makes a new attempt on the
15th of February and he will do so until the last Yanonami on the confluence
of Orinoco and Amazonas is convinced. Yet, most probably, the ignorant
people will say "No is No". The opposition has been gaining momentum. The
rallies and marches against the "vitalicio" were quite impressive. That is
why mi comandante gets desperate. He seeks to discredit the opposition and
to intimidate all those who are against him. In fact, he becomes more and
more a pain in the neck and nobody knows what happens if he loses. The
situation might get out of control after the 15th....

Yours revolutionarily from Venezugaga


this so disturbs me and upsets me, the several disturbing parallels between that thug Chavez and his cronies and South Africa.

Chavez's govt is boiler plate leftwing fascist, Chavez in an age-old tactic is scapegoating the Jews for all his failed policies, and they are no longer even pretending to hide behind anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism is now operating hand in hand with open Jew-hatred.

Here in SA the ANC increasingly seeks to scapegoat the Jews/Jew nation for all their failed policies and corruption - an age-old distraction. They have the support from their allies COSATU who seek to divert attention from their own selling out of the workers. The ANC foreign policy like Chavez's is boiler plate left-wing fascist. The SA media like the media in Venezuela passes off Jew-hatred as Middle-East reporting, and the anti-Zionist Left in SA like Venezuela is no longer pretending that it is merely anti-Israel - it is increasingly openly anti-Jewish.

It gets worse, unlike Venezuela, SA has a minority Muslim population that is vocal and has strong anti-Semitic elements within it.

Where can Venezuela's Jews go? To Israel of course but how are things in the rest of South America? Argentina, Brazil in particular with large Jewish populations? Better but how much better and for how much longer? there is also Mexico of course, and the US and Canada which they should consider...

Extremely concerned

And now these groups are marching against us in South Africa!


The Jewish community in Caracas has been there for nearly 200 years.
This is extremely disturbing.


Venezuela has been a great place for Jews to live until Hugo Chavez became president. Since that time he has bullied the government, the middle and upper class, the media and private industry into submission. Many of the country's middle class has left, taking their resources with them, resulting in a national "brain-drain". Chavez has made promises to the poor that he hasn't kept; they still remain in the same situation as his corrupt government feeds off the people. His best friends are Castro of Cuba and Ahmanijad of Iran. Since he has come to power the local Hebraica (community center)has been stormed by his police (looking for a suspected "spy", businesses have been taken away, Jewish education has been restricted and now this synagogue has been vandalized. The anti-semitism filters from the government to the masses. Jews no longer live freely in Venezuela. Period. There is no future for them there.

Gloria Diamond


aion kinah

Chavez has made promises to the poor that he hasn't kept; they still remain in the same situation as his corrupt government feeds off the people. His best friends are Castro of Cuba and Ahmanijad of Iran.

Uggs Clearance

like the subtle taste of tea that last long after a sip. The subtle bitter is what it is meant to be

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