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February 11, 2009



Hi Steve,

I think that your comment was a bit of a wish list.

According to the election law in Israel the Israeli President must call on a party leader (Not necessarily the leader of the largest party) to form a government.
Netanyahu clearly has a larger block of support with which he will create a coalition government. Netanyahu has no reason to agree to a power sharing deal with Livni.
Being the politician he is, he will take all the power he can get.
Ps. He’s no of less a crazy megalomaniac than Barak or Livni.



Who will be in the Netanyahu coalition? Its rests on Shas and UTJ sitting with Lieberman. Is that likely?


They will all sit together.

Lieberman ran his campaign as a strong right winger. He only played the civil marriage card late in his campaign in order to solidify his secular vote. While he might make a bit of noise about the religious/secular issue he’ll let it go in favor of a few well placed cabinet post.
Shas has steadily lost support over the past few years so they cannot afford to skip out on a government that could prop up their welfare funding. Even if they don’t get child subsidies reinstated, Shas will join Netanyahu and Liberman, especially if they get the housing ministry
Remember that Shas and Liberman spent a significant amount of time together in Olmert government.
UTJ might be a wildcard. They usually follow a similar pattern to Shas although they won’t demand any major ministries, but smaller concessions.
The UTJ rabbis will sit with Liberman just like they joined the Labor government in the 90’s… and that government included Meretz.

Despite what the pundits claim about the Israeli population preferring Livni over Netanyahu. This is incorrect.
The Majority of Israelis voted for the right wing block with the intension that these parties would join a Likud lead government.
It is time for the Israeli left to sit in opposition.

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