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February 08, 2009


Gary Selikow

I hereby swear, before Yaweh, on the souls of all my ancestors and all the victims of the Shoah, to always be a staunch Zionist, and I swear to fight to my last breath for Israel to thrive as a sovereign Jewish state, and for its right to determine its own borders and to defend itself as it sees fit.
I also swear to treat all who are hostile to the Jewish State in the Land of Israel, as bitter enemies, and to hate them for all eternity.

Blacklisted Dictator

Dear Na'eem Jeenah and Jane Duncan,

As you know, I am campaigning for Israel to immediately break diplomatic relations with South Africa. If this happens, COSATU won't have to try and unsuccessfully stop Israeli good from entering South Africa.

In the circumstances, The PSC/ FXI and Cosatu should back my campaign.

I hope I can count on your support.


yes you are correct, you welcome to take this fight to the streets of Lenasia, if you dare!!!

Daniel W

Hi Mo,
I don't think taking this fight to the streets of Lenasia would prove anything. I think the point is that it would be a stupid thing to do.

Chill out brother!

Sorry, I meant brother!!!


Daniel, i like your reply. See it is easy for the Jewish Community to be calling for South AFricans not to bring international problems home but than we need to be consistant and honest with ourselves, why dont we than speak out against South Africans participating in the IDF? The Zionist Federation has made it extremely clear that they support the State of Israel, its occupation of Palestinian authorities and recent crimes in Gaza so than it must logically expect a reaction? Voices raised against Israel are not only Muslim voices but come from a vast array of humanity? my previous reaction was based on the threatening tone of the Blogger! Had it been a Muslim writer he would most certainely have been labeled 'anti semetic', so i ask: is not the blogger insigting hate against Muslims in South AFrica, what can i call him than.....


Hello, anyone home Mo? I read that above blog twice and cant see any reference to taking "this fight to the streets of Lenasia"? You are chasing phantoms, but hey it should provide quite a cardio workout ...

Daniel W

Steve ("the blogger") never called on Jews to march in Lenasia.

He said that it would be provocative if they did.

And he also said that almost all Jews support the stance of the SAZF. You are the one perverting that stance.

And voices raised in favour of Israel also come from a variety of different places - not just Jews.

Threatening tone of the blogger? You must be a very nervous man. Exactly what threats were made?


ok, steve has posed the question if it the time has arrived for "jews' to migrate from RSA. need i answer the question for as Steve mentions " all 70 000 minus 310"


Mo I remember that sign up in the Oriental Plaza a couple years back, "No Jews nor dogs allowed". Is it still up?

Mo tell me I'm curious do you believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is genuine or not?

Whatever happened to Qibla Mo?

Daniel W

If you could expel all Jews from SA, would you? It would have to include the 310 though. I.e. anyone born Jewish or who has converted, even if they hate Israel like Mr Kasrils.

So you would get rid of the 70 000 - 310 bad ones, but also the 310 good ones.

By the way, the people who write these petitions would be appalled at your answer to Steve's hypothetical question. You have let them down! You have let Nathan Geffen and Doron Isaacs, good Jews, down. You are an embarrassment to them. An embarrassment!!!

Shame on you brother!!!

Arthur Chaskalson would find you guilty of letting him down.

Blacklisted Dictator

Nathan Geffen and Doron Isaacs,

I know that "The 318 Jews" are officially deemed to be non-racist. But how can we be sure? Some might have signed your Gaza Petition as a way of securing their SA citizenship. How do we know that they are genuine non-racists?

In the circumstances, you should take no risks. Outwardly they might appear to be Good Jews. But what is really going on inside their Jewish heads and souls?

I reckon, that it will be prudent to re-educate them. There should be a new non-racist cultural revolution. They should be sent deep into The Cape countryside.

Of course leading signatories like yourselves and Messrs Kentridge , Gordimer and Zapiro should be exempt. You etc could be sent to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or, if living in Joburg, to the Melville Koppies instead.


Is there a difference between Non Zionist Jew and a zionist one?
Would a Non Zionist be totally accepted and respected within the RSA jewish community?

P.S lets make this a serious honarable discussion.


Danial, Blacklisted Dictator,Lawrence

Do you all condone the killing of innocent women and children in Gaza?
Do you condone the theft/ expansion of settlements by the removal of palestinians form their land as non whites were removed by the Apartheid regime previously?
Are not Palestinians allowed the right to defend their lives and land from the occupiers? yes even with rockets!
Are you aware that a large number of Palestinians are Christian and NOT Muslim?
Who attempted to crucify Jesus (PBUH)? the Romans were not anywhere near Palestine at that time (historical recorded).


You are very stupid. But I'll entertain your questions. It seems like the more we get out of you the funnier this becomes.

Many Jews in the community are non-Zionist. The Blacklisted Dictator does not define himself as a Zionist in fact. But he still supports Israel's right to exist and to self defence.

Many religious Haredi Jews in SA are also non-Zionist. But they also still support Israel and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Zionists when Israel is being attacked.

So you can't call for Zionists to leave. You will be far more accurate just calling for all Jews to leave.

Castor Troye

Lol, lets get busy.

Mo Serious discussion: you dont deserve one because the definition of serious means cutting out hearsay evidence and objective history.

Castor Troye

But lets discuss,

Zionist Jews accepted in society? Jews have been at the focal point of developing South Africa. Co-incidentally, 95% of them have been proudly Zionist. Our commitment to South Africa and hard-work has earned that respect - not that we have to justify it to the likes of you, nor are we going to be seen as friends in Fordsburg or Cosatu. Funny how in township slang, calling someone 'ama Jewish' is actually a compliment on the person.

"Are you aware that a large number of Palestinians are Christian and NOT Muslim?" Are you aware that 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs? Are you aware that in Jordan, a supposedly liberal ME country, you can't be a citizen if you are Jewish. So whats your point?

Who attempted to crucify Jesus...the Romans were not there? Even Mel Gibson, who shares the same views with Hajaig, that the Jews control the world (although Gibson was paraletically drunk when he said it - does not say much for our minister) put Romans in the movie and he essentially blames the Jews for everything.

Seriously, your one claim to the origins of "Palestine" comes from the Latin (that's Roman in case you were unaware) changing of the name of Judea. Next thing you are going to tell me there were no Jews there at the time as well...hmmm no Romans and no Jews back then...that makes for an interesting x-mas movie next holiday season.

Oh I love hearing uneducated conspiracy theories.

Empress Trudy

What's funny is that SA has no problem purchasing Israeli surveillance equipment for those very same ports, as reported in Globes. Israel should bar the sale.

Gary Selikow

Mo, we have not forgotten the thousands of Jews who have died after 80 years of Arab agression against our people in the Land of Israel (It's not Palestine, it's Israel).
The Jews returned to Israel because it is our ancient land.
Israel and the Jewish people are here to stay, deal with it.

Blacklisted Dictator

Re: "Am I a Zionist?"
If I was a Zionist I would be living in Israel.
However, as The Turd Millennium proceeds, I am beginning to think that I might have to go and live in Israel to escape the "PC/ Human Rights/ United Nations/Anti-Zionist/ Freedom of Censorship etc" dictatorship. If that happens, I will then officially become a Zionist.
I will also have to brush up on my Hebrew.
For the record, I have lived in Ashkelon for about 6 months in 1980, but I would be a bit wary to live there now due to the rockets from Gaza.

Blacklisted Dictator


Scorching temperatures and a host of other activities undertaken on Sunday to maintain the mobilization of communities in aid of the Palestinians who have just emerged from a devastating 22-day war, were some of the reasons why the turnout on Sunday at the Vygieskraal stadium was relatively low.

Both VOC reporters and organizers concurred that less than 300 people attended the rally which was organised by the Muslim Judicial Council, Palestine Solidarity Group and the Al Quds Foundation.

The turnout was disappointing low,” VOC news editor Shanaaz Ebrahim reported on Monday. “Organisers had set out 300 chairs, which were not quite filled. We estimate that there were perhaps 250 people. And yet, it was one of the most amazing mass rallies I have ever attended. People who were not there really missed hearing some of the international delegates who are here to attend the MJC conference on Palestine.

Ronnie Kasrils picked up on this point. “Cosatu by its actions has taken the lead in championing the cause of the Palestinian people, together with our Palestinian Solidarity Committee. And the whole world is taking note. When South Africans raise their voices, it adds enormous quality to the quantity of people around the world. "

MJC president Maulana Igsaan Hendricks questioned why the Christian community had been so silent on speaking out on the atrocities committed in Gaza "Our people were supposed to have been here in their thousands, which means we need to do more work. We need to mobilize the foot soldiers, we need to speak to our communities. This is not the time for us to be relaxed. Every minute that we relax, the Zionist profile grows higher. We must make sure that we mobilize in such a way that as the profile of the Zionist goes up, our solidarity goes even higher.”


IMAGINE. if there'd been social networking in 1930's Germany? What would this blog have sounded like.
Just replace 'Zionist' with a four-lettered word and you pretty much have an idea. And they just DO NOT see, do they? It boggles the mind.

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