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February 08, 2009


Joel Pollak

What a disgrace.

See the IOL report:

Cosatu has gone on record indicating that its goal is to intimidate Jews as such.

Kasrils is also quoted as saying that South Africa must get rid of its "Zionists."

Is this the prelude to a pogrom?


I await their march against the Chinese community in protest of the human rights abuses committed by China, and their march against the Muslim community in protest of the crimes committed by Arab states. The atrocities these states commit are far worse than anything Israel is accused of. But they'll target Jews alone.

Duplicitous, sniveling cowards.

Blacklisted Dictator

The Johanna Russ was offloaded. There was "no victory for worker's solidarity".
The Cosatu press release is extremely misleading/confusing.

The ship, flying an Antigua flag left Durban last night after being off-loaded by non-Satawu members and was headed for Kenya.

Media Release: Victory for worker solidarity
Issued by Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC)
6 February 2009

But the vigilant workers were on guard and immediately they realised that it had docked, they then refused to handle it, despite pressures from management. SATAWU members maintained their refusal to offload the ship and also attempted to ensure that scab labour would not be used.
A few hours after berthing, at 23:00, the Johanna Russ sneaked out of the Durban Harbour.


Dear Writer of this article

You must get your facts right before you write anything. It seems you were not there at the protest. So all your information must be second-hand. The rally didn't take place outside the syngagogue. It was down the road from the synagogue. A few hundred metres away. And the flag you talk about behind Ronne Kassril was a banner and not a flag. And it wasn't burned. And no leaders of the protest cars needed escorts to their cars. Those were ordinary people who were scared because of the guy who threw a bottle at the us and others who were swearing and shouting and threatening at the protestors. They were escorted by police and not by your Zev Krengel. Lastly, before you say the protest was ilegal you must read the law about protests. You will see it was legal.


Dear TC

If the official leaders of the Chinese community make statements fully supporting human rights abuses in China, then South Africans should march on their office too. And if the official leaders of Muslim organisations make statements supporting human rights abuses in Muslim countries, then South Africans must march to their offices too. But none of this is excuse for official Jewish organisations supporting war crimes.



Indeed. So when are you preparing the marches against the Chinese community and against the Muslim community?


John I was also not at the rally and thus cannot vouch for the exact accuracy of the information. But does it matter that the image behind Ronnie Kasrils of a swastika in place of a Magan David was on a banner and not a flag? Do you understand how hateful that image is to Jews. To march on our community centre, with banners that turn a holy Jewish symbol into that of the organization that murdered 2/3 of our entire nation. Did you for a minute think how Holocaust survivors who live in the area might react? It’s a disgrace.
You talk about the Jewish community supporting war crimes. What the Muslim communities support for Hamas? Are they not guilty of war crimes?
This march is a blatant attempt to limit the Jewish community’s right to free speech in support of Israel and freedom of associate to be proudly Zionist. But it is not going to work. In fact it has had the opposite effect. Because Jews feel threatened they are even more supportive of Israel. They understand far better why a strong Israel is vital to guarantee our safety.
John were you at the march? We would like to hear more about it. Can you tell us why it was legal? Can you tell us what the purpose was? Do you support the boycott of Jewish businesses? I really would like to understand...

Castor Troye

Hmmm...Swastika's 300 metres away from a synagogue instead of 20 metres. And how does that change things? What a fool of history you are?
Trust me, if the police had not been there, you and your cronies would have been right outside the synagogue and offices, if not inside them desicrating our diginity (like your comrades in Venezuela).

So you hang out with the rioters who were paid in t-shirts and meals to come toi-toi using emblems that they have no idea about (the swastika is the basis of the AWB sticker and symbol of Jewish and Black destruction, the Magen David and Flag which symbolises a Jewish prayer shawl is as sensitive and close to us as say a "cartoon of Mohammed" would be to a Muslim. Hang out with your comrades and debate the law as to what is subjectively illegal. The Jewish communtiy will keep within the law and thank the police for upholding the law and protecting us from your swastikas outside our sacred buildings.


Zev did provide escorts - he told me that himself. John was obviously not everywhere all of the time.

The banner had an image of the flag with the swastika. For all intents and purposes it was a flag. Numerous people have told me it was burnt.

John, I'll defer to the Jhb city council who deemed it illegal.

By the way, at various times Muslim leaders in SA have come out in support of Al Qaeda. They certainly support Hamas, but then in your mind firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli towns isn't a war crime is it? No march when Hamas murders members of Fatah? No crime when Hamas forces its religious flavour of persecution on the people of Gaza. The list is endless.

Mike, great comment.

Castor, you make a great point about the cartoons.

John, dress up in KKK outfit and run around Soweto. See what kind of reception you get.

Blacklisted Dictator


I think that the member of the Muslim community is correct.... "Us Jews" should leave "the sooner the better". The "310" should stay. They will be led by Ronno Einstein and his Professor; it will be a very nice regime and, of course, it will get artistic guidance from Gordimer, Kentridge and Zapiro. So there will be nothing for them to worry about.

Blacklisted Dictator


Actually, 318 can now stay! Another 8 Jews can live in The Non Racist RSA. Aren't they lucky?

All the Jewish children who remain will be taught by Ronno Einstein's Professor as well as by Professor Farid Esack (Muslims Against Racism)... at Habonim??

Kentridge has just emailed me to say that he will be running non-racist art classes for non-racist Jews and Gordimer says that she will be giving a series of Nobel Prize lectures in The Post-Apartheid Human Rights Novel. I only wish I could be around!


with regards to the swastika on the flag or banner..... if the shoe fits wear it!!!!


I don't think i've ever been more outraged in my life.

Why don't we march to Parliament? I wish someone would organise something in Cape Town - we need to show that we are not going to let this go quietly! We are not going to give in to intimidation from a bunch of puppets!

Maybe those 318 might enjoy going to live in Gaza, and leaving the other 70 000 to get on with their lives. Enjoy your religious freedom, freedom of speech, and human rights there!


Also, the Regulation of Gatherings Act states the following:

"No person present at or participating in a gathering or demonstration shall by way of a banner, placard, speech or singing or in any
other manner incite hatred of other persons or any group of other persons on account of differences in culture, race, sex , language or religion."

I think that was pretty well violated.


Wow, great points Dee. Thanks for that research.

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