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January 16, 2009


Brett Chatz

Analysis of the war being waged against the radical Islamic terrorist group

Who is to blame for the latest ongoing crisis in the Middle East?

Hamas is to blame. A definition of whether Hamas should be considered a terrorist group or a militant group is extremely important here.

Who is Hamas and what do they want?

* Hamas is a radical Islamic group engaged in violent activity against their rivals in the Gaza strip and the West Bank and Israel. Their struggle is founded on their desire to rid 'Palestine' of the 'Zionist imperialists' and to create a new Islamic order where Sharia Law rules supreme. Democracy, liberalization, freedom of speech and belief are not part of the deal. Hamas is a proxy organization of the fanatical Iranian regime, which is hell-bent on destroying Western influence in the region, and indeed the world. Israel is at the heart of their wrath. Without Israel there is no scapegoat for the failings of these radical dictatorships. Democracy is an affront to autocratic, despotic regimes - propped up by no more than a fickle support base. Radical Islamic doctrine is being spewed to the disillusioned masses of the Muslim world, where it is digested with such alacrity that it multiplies exponentially while being taken as holy writ.

Hamas is not interested in the plight of their own people. To many this may appear to be unfounded, but this is a qualified statement. For a group to be considered a viable, responsible and effective leadership entity it needs to respect its populace, work for the upliftment and well-being of its citizenry, and act as a responsible public citizen. Hamas has done none of the above. Since violently assuming power, Hamas has killed hundreds of people, imprisoned opponents, used public funds for weapons purchases and run the Gaza strip with an iron fist. Proponents of the group are quick to point out that Hamas was democratically elected. What they are less likely to admit to is that Hamas violently clashed with rival Fatah supporters. Scores of dead and injured resulted. Imprisonments, beatings and clampdowns on the press and opposition groups resulted. Hamas rules by the sword - by blood and iron. Hamas indiscriminately targets Israeli civilians and purposely targets Palestinian opponents.

Their puppet masters are Iran and Syria. These regimes are hellbent on Israel's destruction. These regimes are supported by nations such as Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Bolivia and the like. These are the enemies of Western style governance and democracy. Iran is the sworn enemy of Israel. Hamas, like their better equipped and better trained brothers in Southern Lebanon - Hezballah - are radical Islamists. Their stated goal is Israel's destruction. The Hamas Charter calls for the following:

Read the Hamas Charter

Given the Hamas Charter and their repeated rejections of mutual co-existence with Israel, is it any wonder that diplomacy is not an option? Hamas is willing to shed every last drop of Palestinian blood in order to achieve their pre-stated goal of Israel's destruction. Hamas is being funded, trained and supplied by Iran.

Iran is actively seeking the rapid development of enriched Uranium for nuclear warhead material. That Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the map is nothing new. The world is aware of the precarious predicament that it is now facing. The Middle East problem is not confined to a specific geographic location. It's a war of ideologies. It's a war of radicalism against moderates. It's a war for the very essence of democracy. The fall of Israel is not the fall of the Jewish state. It is the fall of freedom. It is the fall of hope and prosperity in a world that is teetering on the brink of a dangerous precipice. Israel has but one option - survival at any cost.

A victory for Hamas would occur by sheer dint of Israel's lack of will to enforce its terms on the group in Gaza. A victory for Hamas will be for the free world to enforce sanctions against Israel. Hamas will gladly claim kudos by seeing an Israeli soldier kidnapped or killing an Israeli civilian. Hamas needs only to convince the international press that they are the victims - while they are clearly the terrorist perpetrators in the region. Hamas knowingly fires from civilian areas. Hamas uses civilians as shields. Hamas proudly declares its opposition to a long-term ceasefire - one where it will not buy time to rearm and wage another horrific war against Israel. Hamas is not held to account for what they do, because they are perceived as victims by an overly eager liberal and misguided press. The world will witness the consequences of appeasement. Hamas - the Iranian puppet - will surge ahead in popularity rankings while the world looks on in earnest. The world has yet to feel the wrath of radical Islam. September 11 was a tragic day, but what is to come with the Iranian war machine and all its allies will be nothing short of Armageddon. The Iranians are months away from the bomb. They are months away from changing the balance of power in the world.

Where are the moderates when all the radicals are running rampant? Where are the backers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Where are the moderate Jordanians and the masses of peace-loving Muslims who can see through the carcinogenic facade that is Iran's handiwork in the Middle East?

Nathan Geffen

Where do you get your facts Mike? Do you just make them up as they suit you? Doron and I have not co-ordinated with any Muslim groups in developing or circulating the response to the Board of Deputies et al.

For the record: I wrote the response shortly after receiving the Board of Deputies statement. I circulated it. Doron and others improved it and the response to it has been fantastic.

I find it interesting that you can describe as despicable a balanced statement signed by people like Nadine Gordimer, Anton Harber, Jonny Steinberg, Max Price, Deborah Posel, Graeme Bloch, Leslie London, David Lewis and many others, without the least embarrassment.

Incidentally, here is the link to the statement with the latest list of signatories:

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