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January 28, 2009


Blacklisted Dictator

From: "Leader"
Date: 27 January 2009 3:16:14 PM

Dear Mr Posner

Thank you for contacting the office of Helen Zille. We are in the
process of responding to your letter and will revert to you as soon as

Kind regards

Gaironesa Sonnenberg
Leader's Office
Democratic Alliance

-----Original Message-----
From: ANTHONY POSNER [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 27 January 2009 02:38 PM
To: It's Almost Supernatural
Cc: Tony Leon; David Sacks; Leader; Wendy Kahn
Subject: {** SPAM **} Please Supernatural blog

I have written to Tony Leon suggesting that he demands Fatima Hajaig
is sacked by The ANC following her antisemitic outburst. But will he be
prepared to upset some Muslim voters in The Cape who might have a
propensity to vote DA? I have my doubts and I imagine that Tony will
keep shtumm. Politics is a dirty business and none so dirty when
antisemitism rears its ugly head.
Let's hope that I am wrong and Tony puts principle before party
political advantage.

Michael Aikon

After accusing Steve and IAS of antisemitism yesterday, it waters down his (Nathan's) true charges today of antisemitism!!!!!

Nathan, you cant keep crying antisemitism.

Silly lad!


I think the SAJBD, the DA and Tony Leon should be praised for their stance to this ugly situation. Zev Krengel’s statement was very strong . I think he was right to mention that we have not seen such anti-Semitism from government ministers since the dark days of Apartheid. I do think though as Steve implied they could have reacted faster. That press release should have gone out the day of Saks column.
I am particularly impressed with Tony Leon and the DA. As Anthony points out this could be a politically costly move months before an election. It is good to know that they have no sold out their principles for power. I think Leon and Steve have got it 100% calling for her resignation. I think the SABJD probably should have demanded that too. But I guess if it does not happen (which is likely), they will look weak.
I think this is a watershed event for the relationship between SA Jews and the government. I am no prophet but there will be a point in the near future I recon when we will have to go the Venezuelan Jewish route.

the pil

It is not clear to me why Geffen and the rest needed to take on the issue. Did they feel that SABJD response was not good enough or was there another reason that they responded to the comments. Perhaps the answer is that again they wanted to separate themselves from the Jewish community and to make it clear that they are not represented by the SABJD and thus also needed to respond to the comments.


Mike you right, it was a strong response by the Board.
If I were to make one criticism however, perhaps it should be left to government to say that Hajaig's views don't represent them.


kudos to Leon for once.

as for Geffen you gotta be kidding! Geffen has no right to accuse anybody of anti-semitism, not even Hajaig. Since Geffen is on record as considering support for a boycott against Israel, a blatantly anti-Semitic stance (and plenty else) who is he to stand up against anti-Semitism? Is nobody else going to point out Geffen's chutzpah here, his unbelievable hypocrisy? The fact that he has zero credibility here.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Nathan et al long ago chose to separate themselves from the Jewish Community.

They do however like to keep their "Jewish ID" handy - it helps them to get into the right clubs, otherwise their antisemitic rantings would simply be lost amongst the rest of the shouts from the "independent minded herd". (Hat Tip Nick Cohen)

It's the ultimate in multi-culti street cred. It's identity politics for people who want recognition. I think Nathan, Doron and Davis are actually doing very well at the game. It's a shame history will ultimately laugh them out ...

Blacklisted Dictator

Dear Nathan, Doron and Jonathan.

You now have to ask yourselves, as you desperately try to remove yourselves the anti-semitic venom emanating from Fatima Hajaig's tongue...

(1) Why has it all ended in tears for you and The SAHRD?

(2) Why has Prof Farid Esack / "Muslims Against Racism" let you so badly down?

(3) Why were your political calculations regarding Muslim community leaders and ANC deputy foreign ministers so widely off the mark?

(4) Why don't you understand the basic political Islamic agenda of those with whom you are trying to create alliances?

(5) Why are you so naive?

(6) Why don't you understand that anti-zionism and anti-semitism go hand in hand?

(7) Why don't you listen to those in the SA Jewish community who, unlike you, actually understand what is going on in SA and the Middle East?

(8) Why do you label legitimate criticism of your activities as "anti-semitic" and as "hateful invective".

(9) Why don't you just have the good grace to apologize ?


Ps: (10) Why, btw, is Farid Esack so "wonderfully interesting"? Is it because he is so "wonderfully ambivalent"?

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