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January 27, 2009



What more can be said.
There is a song by the Rolling Stones wtih the lyrics "I can't cry anymore...Im out of tears."
I feel I'm out of words about the evil of the standpoints taken by the SA regime and the hard left around the world.
By the way there is a website where u can vote on whether you support China or Tibet (similar to the Israel vs Palestine one).
You can find out how ppl voted according to country.
99 of 100 voters from the Palestinian Auhtority supported China.
So you can see that those who support totalitraianism and terror in one part of the world will supportit everywhere.
Anyone who supports Hamas against Israel can be regarded as a total ennemy of human rights.

Christopher Haddad

Interesting comment. Can you supply the url for the votes.


Religious Fundamentalist 1

A well thought out, and alarming, article.

I'm still not convinced that Obama is not a totalitarian, maybe a nice smily faced fascist, but a totalitarian nonetheless.

I think the Obamassiah's recent dictat's on US funding for abortion outside of the US (presumably mainly Africa?) and the ill-conceived "1yr to shutting our doors guantanamo sale", not to mention some of his appointments (Geitner is somewhat like appointing Brett Kebble to head up SARS ... I use this example so that the ANC doesn't get any ideas) leave much to be desired.

I firmly hope to be proven wrong.

Castor Troye

Gary i went to and clicked on an advert on that webpage

it is the most disgusting website i have ever seen on the internet!


Not it's


any word on this?

Castor Troye

yes, i meant


Im sure the site is against us. I just wanted to get ppl out there to vote for Israel.

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