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December 05, 2008



I think Craig probably does read Fisk and Pilger though, maybe Chomsky. Or at least he plans to, or pretends to, so as to impress his pseudo-intellectual friends who share his mentality, and read the M&G.

Incidentally Osama Bin Laden has praised both Fisk as a trusted "neutral" journalist and 'ol Chomsky in his broadsides, and for that matter fellow radical Leftist author William Blum (Maybe Pilger feels smarted at being left out, I don't know - he is praised by numerous neo-Nazis groups on the net, and Muslim extremists too, so maybe that takes the sting off being left off of Osama's recommended reading). So from this we can conclude that either Osama is a bleeding heart liberal or that Fiskies and Chomskybots are .....(fill in the blank)


Bizarre...It is only when Israelis are NOT the victims that the word terrorist is used, when Israelis are targeted it is ALWAYS 'millitant' or 'activist'.

But leftist maniacs like Craig invert the truth in their own special Marxist-Satanist way.


Yeah, maniacs come in with guns, bombs and grenades and kill innocent near random people (not random because they targetted Jews, brits and Americans) and this moron wants us to be more circumspect and to use more "neutral" words.

We should be more careful not to cast judgement when ghouls deliberately kill innocents.


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