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December 02, 2008



I wonder when we can expect South Africa's Muslim populace to march in protest against these atrocities in Mumbai carried out by their fellow Muslims, after all I remember several marches they organised against Israel in Cape Town alone.

I guess that will be when the SAJBD grows a spine in combatting anti-Semitism ie never.

Just as a matter of interest, did anybody watch Deepak "the new-age fluffy bunny" Chopra on CNN, justifying the Mumbai terror attacks, blaming it on Washington...disgusting. Just thought I would mention it, 'cause I know that some of you out there probably have wives, daughters, sisters and the like who read that moron. But then he is a favourite for the BBC too, that's why I guess, 'cause he's a moron who blames Muslim terror in Mumbai on the Great Satan.


Photographs are available on The Big Picture: Mumbai after the smoke has cleared

Re: Deepak
It is CNN and Larry Kings fault for having him on. They could have found a historian, or anti-terrorism expert, but no Deepak. Just stop watching.



Thanks for the link Benjamin.

synagogue of satan

Hey you fucking zionists, the "terrorists" had been staying at this same house for 2 WEEKS before the attacks...

Their boats landed at the Sassoon docks

The lubovichers 'house was loaded w/mossad connections

Do you think we are fucking stupid? First Georgia, now India. You fucking zionists are going to be defeated.


If only we really did control the world...


I'm going to leave the above comment as an illustration of the mindless morons that we are up against.

Now just remember kids, it isn't anti-semitic. It just doesn't like Zionists.


Unfortunately, these are the conspiracy theories that mainstream media will lap up when penned by the likes of Fisk and Pilger.



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