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December 03, 2008



Have been looking around your site, like the layout, love the content.

Would you like to trade links with a bipartisan politics blog from a uniquely youth perspective.


Or just let me know at Quash100 [at]


I am worried that Gabe from "The Purple Youth" might be taking drugs.
Does Gabe really love the Supernatural content?? Must be smoking some heavy shit.

Re the anti-Israel petition... I note that both Farid Esack and Jerermy Routledge of The SAHRD signed it. Doronno and Nathan didn't.

Ronno, of course, did.


If Motlathe signed it before he became President, then Im sure Lekota also signed it before he formed COPE.
COPE won't have aviciously anti-Israel policy because they are no longer influenced by the SACP and COSATU.
The ANC's hatred of Israel comes from the SACP's influence as do all their other most vile ideas.
In fact Jewish communists like Kasrils and Denis Goldberg are the main instigators of the Israel hatred.
You'll see how free from SACP influence COPE comes around to a reasonable position on Israel.

Shmuel ben David

The IOL Website of 25 November ( which means the Independent Newspaper group, carries the following in the article:

"Zev Krengel, national chairman of the Jewish Board of Deputies, said on Monday that if this had been done with Motlanthe's consent then it could fundamentally affect South Africa's future capacity to mediate in the protracted Middle East crisis."

Of course Krengel, ever ready to ingratiate himself to the ANC, would hold some silly carrot out to the self-deluding ANC. Let us all be honest. The ANC has no capacity, ability, right, honest broking status or whatever you like to call it to involve itself in the politics of the Middle East. To even mention something like this is ridiculous and shows our weakness. The trouble is the Krengels believe their own publicity and love the reflection.

Let us be honest and call a spade a spade and clearly say to the ANC:

"BUTT OUT and STAY OUT! You have no role to play, no contribution to make, no knowledge of what its all about and you are already a biased dishonest broker. Further more, you actually have enough on your plate and your own delivery record is not good at all, and, by the way, your party is falling apart exactly for the reason that you have neglected your own backyard."

To the mostly Cringing Krengels, both of them, there is a liitle bit of pretended spine shown in the reaction to the signing of this petition, but generally, we need more substantial, wise and courageous leaders at the head of the Board and SAZF and definitely not you two.

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