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December 10, 2008



I always knew of the existence of a faceless and gutless organisation that prefers to blog. Read the article carefull you schmuck and you will notice that the writer merely used an analogy to cite the possibility of outside forces. But off course you won't see that


You always knew did you? Saber!

I'm off to Israel...wish you all a great holiday, Chanuka, Christmas etc.

Ubercrombie & Fitch

Dear me, any 'liberal' blog in the US such as DKos, C&L, Salon or Huffington accepts this nonsense as absolute gospel.

Shafee al-Zindig

Quoted from letter above:

"Yes, those who perpetrated the odious acts were Muslims"

Yet here we find a taqiyya (lying for the cause of Allah)artist Saber claiming Jazbhay merely wrote of the possibility of others being involved. We here now have two people, Saber and Jazbhay contradicting each other and themselves.

Makes one wonder who is the schmuck and who did not read the letter carefully.

Gill Katz

Does the word "PHOBIA" not mean "FEAR OF" and thus "Islamophobia= Fear of Islam"
Does the world not have a feasible right to have this fear, since the majority of horrific terror attacks since 2000 have been committed by those of the Islam faith? Now before anyone accuses me of being anti Islam - let me clarify something. I am anti right wing Islamic fundamentalist. That differs from someone who is a practising Muslim.
I think what I refer to is am "Islamist".
Maybe what should happen is that the term "Islamophobic" be changed for "Islamicphobic" and that would clear things up for once and all.
Many decent practising Muslims are being caught in the same net as the nasty right wingers, and therein lies all the trouble


Once again those who fear the truth attack those who seek the truth. People like Shaffique read what their eyes make them read.

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