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November 11, 2008



bravo Joel, an important book I'm sure that needed to be written. Good cover, Kasrils with his kafiyyeh!


I think the cover is absolutely superb. I can't wait to buy a copy. I've also read a preview and thought it was nothing short of sensational.

It's very eye opening but as Mike said its not a simple portrayal of events as they occurred. What makes Joel remarkable is his outstanding insight and analysis into events.


How about another launch in Joburg at Chabad House? Perhaps Krengel could use his close connections with The ANC and persuade Ronno Einstein to come along as a guest speaker?

Now is the time for all Jews strengthn our bonds with the ANC/COSATU/SACP/PSC/MRN/FXI/SAHRC/SAHRD etc.

Helen Zille and Tony Leon, of course, must be personas non grata. It is not that I have anything against them, per se, but do we, as Jews, really need to stand around chatting to the leader and ex-leader of such a nebbish party?? (I know that Tony Leon is Jewish but, in these sensitive political circumstances, he musty be excluded from our conversations with the governing elites.)


Which outlets are stocking your book in Joburg?


Btw, I meant Beyachad. Not Chabad.


The underlying question is how does a minority stand up to a political bully-boy.
Has The SAJBD fully understood some of the fundamental tenets at the heart of multi-party democracy?

Here are The 10 Commandments...

(1) you must not be scared.
(2) you must not seek favours from those who are in power.
(3) you must believe in confronting lies with truth.
(4) you must fight for your democratic rights enshrined in the constitution.
(5) you must never see yourself as a second class citizen, a dhimmi.
(6) you must believe in freedom of expression and do your best to defend it.
(7) you must fight for the principles underlying multi-party democracy.
(8) you must not try and cut unpalatable deals.
(9) you must not be politically naive.
(10) you must remember that David defeated Goliath.


The SAJBD understands none of the above, BD.

I would be surprised if Exclusive Books stocks any copies, I mean they stock John Pilger and Robert Fisk, heck Mike Moore and even worse (if that's possible) David "alien lizards are among us and control the White House and carried out 9-11" Icke, so you know...

Exclusive Books should rename itself Exclusively Crap Books


Exclusive at Hyde Park isn't bad. It should stock Joel's gem.
Of course, the crap books that you mention are stocked world-wide.


Mike Berger attended the launch. He wrote the following on his blog Solar Plexus.

"Tuesday evening I attended the launch of Joel Pollak's book entitled "The Kasril's Affair" attended by a decorous audience of Jews mainly. By all accounts so far, the book is informative and interesting.

This post is not about the book, which I have not yet read, but is rather an attempt to remedy my own rather limp-wristed contribution to the debate initiated by the roundtable of 3 panelists.

In essence, I suggested that what was omitted from the scrupulously fairminded and decorous(there's that word again) discussion was context.

My comment was provoked by a number of what we can call the Not in Our Name/Human Rights brigade speaking, in infinitely self-righteous and self-pitying tones, of the intolerance and closed-mindedness of the Jewish community in response to their views. They bemoaned their alleged rejection and marginalisation by the Jewish collective which, they implied, bespoke of the failure of their fellow Jews to appreciate their high-minded and progressive stance.

In short, their failure (partial as it turns out) to make significant inroads into popular Jewish opinion stemmed, according to their own estimation, not from the erroneous and perverse nature of their political stance, but from the intellectual and moral shortcomings of their fellow Jews."

David Hersch

May I recommend Mike Berger's excellent Blog to you all. His latest entry is called "Betrayal" and can be found at:

His latest entry discusses the launch of the book, "The Kasrils Affair" and the responses from the "Not in my name" supporters who are the same people supporting the so-called "Human rights delegation". Well worth a read and highly recommended. Mike is absolutely spot-on.

Edward B Kopel

To those above recommending Mike Berger's Blog Site, I would like to add my brief comment and encouragement to read it. Mike is completely correct in his description of the Zionophobe lobby, Kasrils and Isaacs and their blind mice. Nevertheless, its extraordinary how influential they are amongst certain holier-than-thou and discombobulated members of our alleged leadership at the Board of Deputies and how gutless the Board and SAZF are to tackle them. I must wonder how it is that the Board and SAZF don't move their head offices to Oudtshoorn where they can join their fellow ostriches and hide their heads in the sand.

Reading Pollak's book, I think he was exceptionally kind to the Board and could have been deservedly harsher on them. Will criticism make them think differently? I am inclined to not think so.


I went to get the book in Sandton. They told me the nearest outlet that had it was Nelspruit! I told them that their target market was likley to be more in Johannesburg.He seemed to think that I should give them in Nelspruit more credit. Does anyone know if Nelspruit is the budding home of some relvoluntary minority politics?

Joel Pollak

Hi all,

Thanks for announcing the launch, and for the comments.

I am told the book should be appearing in most bookstores soon - please be sure to ask them to order it if they do not have it yet.

Alternatively, I believe you can order it directly from UCT Press:


To what extent do you think Mbeki supported Kasrils's attack on The SAJBD and on Israel?


If memory serves me right, Joel was one of the original 200 odd signers of the Kasril's "not in my name" campaign. Interesting how he was reversed his role.


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