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November 06, 2008



Im quite amazed at how many Black South Africans have told me that they are not going to vote at all.
It seems there is still a culture in SA of showing dissilusionment with the ANC by not voting at all rather than voting for an opposition party.
Maybe the new COP will help to change this.

Hard Rain

No way to vote if you're living overseas, I assume?


No postal votes. Sorry.


well makes no difference to me, since even if were back in SA, I wouldn't vote.

yo Mike just want to inform you that whenever I bump into South Africans here in Israel, and the subject of politics is broached I always plug your blog..


Thanks Lawrence. Even if you think our comment has degenerated into sabc/m&g claptrap :)


I actually checked this. I'm feeling left out cause in the past 2 weeks the Americans and New Zealanders have voted.

So I phoned the consulate here.

I have to register for this "overseas" vote in person, in Pretoria.


just as an aside, the last day is the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, when the Holocaust of Jews officially began with the deportation of thousands of Jews to concentration camps, and of course the burning of the synagogues etc..

The always in your face tells-it-like-it-is journalist Debbie Schlussel (hint hint Steve and Mike) makes some good points on a post about it at her blog, and how so many Jews today have learned nothing from the terrible lessons of the Nazi barbarities.

Read what she has to say here
and what she says about this despicable Horwitz and American Jews in general of course applies to more than a few (prominent) Jews in SA, without mentioning I need to.


Hi Lawrence when I criticized American Jews for supporting Osama Obama , Daniel from new York said it was DISGUSTING that I said that caring about Israel should be a priority for American Jews and that American Jews should not expect Israel to help them should the shit hit the fanin the USA, if ever Jews come under attack there, if theyshow how much they care about Israel by voting Obama.

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