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October 17, 2008


Joel Pollak

Please explain how South Africa's new president was elected "bloodlessly and entirely in accordance with democratic procedures." Reports of political violence between rival ANC camps are too numerous to ignore. Motlanthe has yet to face an election in which people other than MPs and ANC members can vote. No one in the world views what is happening in South Africa right now as a triumph for democracy. If Zuma's case had not been thrown out on procedural grounds South Africa would be facing a very undemocratic confrontation between a populist mob on the one hand and the judiciary on the other. Only when power passes peacefully from the ANC to the opposition in a democratic election will South Africa have met the standard you describe. May that day soon come.


Joel that day will come when the SA JBD grows a spine in combating the pervasive fashionable anti-Zionism (ie new anti-Semitism) in SA, especially in the media, instead of adopting their craven "hear-no-evil-see-no-evil-all-is-well" head in the sand position.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Please excuse my ignorance but:
"a constitution that safeguards human rights at the highest level," this would be the same constitution that :
1) guarantees us protection from crime
2) guarantees the human rights of foreigners (read xenophobia etc)
3) guarantees the rule of law (cf Joel's comment on mob justice)

ok, just checking.

But as I said before. I think Zev is on the "correct path" - the Jews will be most comfortable in exile if we're as obsequious as possible. A little egg on the face for kissing the bums of the afrikaaners/apartheid regime is hardly a high price to pay.

Pukker up Zev, you're doing a good job. It's tough, it's thankless, but hang in there.

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