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October 23, 2008


L. King

Could you post the other two photos.

Why does the Star not use the photo of Sabra and Shatilla to hilite the disunity and fractious relationships between Muslim and Christian factions in Lebanon. Whenever this massacre is brought up the Phalangists get off scott free and the Israelis get all the blame, yet it is the former that did the crime.


You can view the other photos (all 3) in this older post we did:

You quite right - I reckon there is no other event in history that has been abused or used to scapegoatn as much as this one.

I cant remember who perpetrated them (wow, my knowledge is in rapid decline) but a few years after S&C far worse massacres were perpetrated either by the Lebanese Sunnis (or Shiites). Thomas Friedman writes about it in From Beirut to Jerusalem and asks why these latter incidents are never remembered. Perhaps we should find the dates and write letters to the local press commemorating these massacres...


HI Steve

I agree with you, the ombudsman was extremely reluctant to write anything that could be seen as him agreeing with the zionist fed, you can see how much time he spent trying to get out of positive ruling. I mean really how many people in South Africa have read the Khana report in full length? I bet he didnt look for anything else once he found the passage that supposedly backed up his claims.

But what is more interesting is that despite his obvious bias he was still unable to call Jenin a massacre.

It is interesting, the two holy cows of Palestinian propaganda, Al Dura and Jenin are increasingly being shown for what they really are. Jenin is especially well milked in this neck of the woods and I shall very much enjoy pointing out that a major newspaper had to say sorry for making use of that kind of terminology.


Great point.

In fact, you can say that 2 newspapers have had to apologies because the Sunday Independent apologies way back in 2004 for calling it a massacre :)


The other side?

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