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October 05, 2008



With no apologies Israel is perfectly within it's right to assasinate the Nazi Fathi Hammad as well as every other Hamas Nazi.
Jews should not just listen again to threats o kill our people.
Have we learned nothing from the Shoah?



Would Doron, Nathan, Andrew and Dennis be included amongst the Jewsthat Hamas Parliament Member Fathi Hammad believes should be killed. If they are,couldnt the non-Jewish members of The SAHRD immediately intervene to save them? I suggest that The SAHRD immediately goes to Gaza and ascertains whether the Jewish members of the delegation are at risk. If they are, Aziz Pahad should take the matter up with the Hamas govt.
Although, I do not agree with what Doron, Nathan etc are up to, it is completely unacceptable that they are now being threatened by Hamas.


Doron, Nathan, Andrew and Dennis would claim that they are not the ones being threatened. They are the "good progessive, left, enlightened , universalist" Jews.
They are not like those backward Israelis, who ronno says are all "Nazis" who Hamas is so bravely resisting, by killing children.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

This just goes to show that if we keep pretending that Fatah is really different and keep telling ourselves (and the Americans) that Abbas is more progressive and thus doesn't really agree with these slightly more radical militant types it might really come true;

If we really hope hard enough, and listen carefully enough to what they're saying and interpret what they say in a way that sits comfortably with our "everybody really just wants to live with mom and dad at home at age 35 with a flat-screen, xbox and credit card debt" then these nice freedom fighters will actually see the multi-culti light (provided we give them everything they ask for first, of course*) and we can all just get along - hum with me ... kum ba ya ..., kum ba yaaa ....

* (of course, because they're the victims of colonialism, because they're a little brown so we as enlightened caucasian types need to look out for them, and give them a little affirmative help, because we know what's best)


More of the same from the Arabs. There is no moderation from the Palestinian leadership unless they are talking, in English, to the media.

This doesn't surprise me in the least. World Jewry are at war, and unfortunately the majority do not accept this fact. The Muslim extremists (not a small portion of Muslims) do accept this, and are preparing to fight while we send delegations to Israel to pretend that Israel is the perpetrator.

It took gas chambers to finally convince European Jewry that Hitler really, really, really wanted them dead - that appeasement and non-confrontation would lead nowhere. I see world Jewry about to learn that lesson again.


Its was by a Hamas MP not a Fatah one.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

that is the point. This was a Hamas MP - and Fatah regularly espouses the same ideas. Why then do we pretend they're different?


Joe Stalin,

Clever, PC Jews, know that Hamas and Ahmadihejad don't really hate Jews.
And anyway, what evidence do you have that the holocaust actually took place? Did you die in the holocaust? I didn't. I know that some meshuggah historians have written books about the "holocaust" but many of these historians are Jewish and tend to make things up as they go along. A lot of Jews are prone to doing this. Some of my critics say that I do it all the time.

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