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October 01, 2008




I agree with your critique and will also defend Doron's constitutional right to design and build delegations. However, it is evident that The SAHRD was built on PC deceit. As a result, it has already collapsed under the weight of its own immoral authority.

At Limmud, Judge Dennis Davis a member of The SAHRD, agreed that the "human rights" appellation was a misnomer.

The SAHRD has the same sort of moral authority as a delegation appointed by the UNHRC. If Richard Falk had been South African, he could have headed it ?

As I have stated previously, most of the delegates would have been just as comfortable getting a freebie as part of The SAAZD (South African Anti Zionist Delegation). It would have been less disingenuous to have used this acronym and would, at least, given the delegation a more forthright and honest direction to their deliberations.

As this is a public debate, it really would be beneficial if you could muster some "SAHRD" supporters to participate. I am sure that South Africa is swarming with such people, so now is the time to see if they have the wherewithal to post some stinging comments.

If the critique is not debated, one has to conclude that it is because there are no rational counter-arguments. As a result, the debate is effectively lost by default.

So please... inform your mates that a Supernatural debate about The "SAHRD" is taking place and encourage them to participate! Perhaps your opponents can be defeated using logic and wit? If so, lets hear such arguments asap!

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