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October 09, 2008



"Are you aware that historian Michael Oren has debunked Tom Segev's claims about the 1967 war?"

As has Benny Morris in his review at The New Republic of Segev's book on '1967':

"But apart from the descriptions of various aspects of the war's aftermath, 1967 is one vast, tendentious historical misjudgment. Unfortunately, this has become one of Segev's calling cards... As for Tom Segev, his book points readers and scholars in no worthwhile direction. Its argument is not merely wrong; it also makes a small contribution of its own to the contemporary delegitimation of Israel."

I'm afraid I can't find the entire review online anymore. Can anyone else?

But you can see Morris reply to the false claim about the generals planning an attack on Jordan in the following interview:


Thanks TC, great link.

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