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September 25, 2008



Now, that Ronno ex-Einstein ( Jewish ex Minister of Intelligence) has even more time, he could, perhaps, also meet Ahmadinejad in New York? After all, Ronno was instrumental in cementing South Africa/ Iranian relations when he, last year, went to Tehran.

The question remains "Which South African Jews should Ronno take along for his meeting with Ahmadinejad?" Any suggestions?


I can say that I'm relieved to be watching this whole affair from the somewhat safer shores of NZ. I think Papa T is being too optomistic in his conclusion and underestimates the support that Zuma has.

It reminds me very much of the last time something like this happened (when Zuma was fired as vice president to the ANC), when there was talk of Zuma going to jail and forming a breakaway party. We all know that it's exactly what the democracy needs, but I think we all want it so much that we forget how unlikely it is.

I'd like to take a page out of the gentile's book... specifically Romans 8:31 and say, "What, then, shall we say in response to this? If [The ANC] is for us, who can be against us?"

Noone will stop voting for the ANC, and as long as everyone knows that, noone will break away from the ANC.


How about we make Tony the stand in President?

I think he is wrong though on the country being stronger. I think the judiciary let us down. The courts bowed to political pressure.

Given all this cadre talk about deployment. I think the party is going to become even more aggressive under Zuma et al in consuming the state, civil society and business.


The king is dead, long live the king.


Our dilemma is Zumalema,
Viva, Amandla, South Africa
Wama mshini wama
Is this the legacy of Mandela?

What has happened to The ANC?
Has it been taken over by The SACP?
Is this really meant to be?
Is this why, we now are free?

Cosatu and Viva Vavi,
Hate autocratic Mbeki,
And yes, I also love democracy
But certainly not at Polokwane!

Well, they weren't exactly over the moon,
When they saw Zapiro's Zuma cartoon.
Outraged by the obscene, pants-down, drawing
Justice raped was seen to have been appalling.

But is the pen mightier than the sword?
And if so, are libel damages a sufficient reward?
Blade, singing, took the shining knife out
And flashed it menacingly about...

"My mother was a kitchen girl,
My father was a garden boy
That's why I'm a communist"
The rest, a different dialect, I missed.

He then said that Zuma had actually been raped
A terrible fate for his victorious mate
Celebrating now after Judge Nicholson concluded that the prosecution
Was politically motivated and procedurally flawed.

So the shower head is a helpless victim
Thabo Mbeki just wants to convict him
This is where our nation stands
Yes, this is where our nation lands.

They say that Mbeki is a dead duck
A "quack-quack" xhosa, down on his luck
Drowning in reckless intrigue
His crowning glory is to deceive.

The ANC is the government
A burning firmament of divided loyalties
Now acting as opposing parties,
A political, schizophrenic, heightened delight.

But this aint no Quentin Tarantino
It's Zumalema's own directed side-show,
And it will make this nation quite ill,
If the ANCYL now kill Thabo
With their sharp tongued Blade.
Instead of actress Uma's Bill.

So, not starring Thurman an American,
"Kill Mbeki" , it's local, real South African
Horrific stuff, gets an 18 certificate
Blood, guts, knives, just death and hate.

So, ciao Thabo,
You have got to go
Arriverderci Mbeki,
Hello, Zuma and Vavi and.... Shabbi.

Is this really a coup
Or just that they hate you?
Every ANC dog has his day,
Democracy must have its way.
The NEC has met in Kempton,
Stabbing you with words from Nicholson.
Seems that the law can be wed nice and handy
If SA justice can't find your former deputy, guilty.

So silly to have a show trial and such tribulation
When its obviously a vile-bile
Mbeki prosecution!

So whatever happened to Baleka Mbete?
She has now been deposed by Motlanthe.
A week is usually a long time in politics
But a day is an eternity for psychotics.
Was there some confusion over our constitution
Or just a reluctance to accept its institution?
Zumalema were in a dilemma,
They had shot the sheriff Mbeki
But they had not shot his deputy.
They said the snake was dead
But Is there still another mamba
Waiting to kill Mr Zuma?
Remember, Motlanthe has criticized our new Emperor, Julius Malema,
So in September, this Shakespearian, African drama ain't quite over.

Has Thabo been immersed in those self-help books?
Is he an ubuntu guru, with sophisticated looks?
This guy, I bet you, is heading for Ophra
Dr Phil, I reckon, is probably over.

"Never become despondent because the weather is bad,"
Excellent advice to those who are SAD
Its a Seasonally Affected Disorder,
Gets you seriously depressed in winter.

"Don't turn triumphalist because the sun shines"
Is also one of our ex President's lines.
Advising Jacob Zuma
Re dancing Mshini Wama?

"Trying times need courage and resilience"
Don't start crying, it makes no sense,
Even if its a windy rainy day,
Cheer up in Renaissance Africa, is what I say.

"Gloom and despondency
Have never defeated adversity"
That certainly sounds like bad poetry
To me.

When will Zuma win the day
Finally with The NPA?
Like The SABC drama
Starring Snuki Zikalala,
These court-room battles are prime time
Why not sell our edited sleaze overseas?
And if the legalities are sometimes boring
Cut to some dancing, singing and.... whoring?

Lets face it..
The economy is in a mess
Exports are earning less,
Commodity prices are day by day falling
But the Zuma story could be made enthralling.
It could generate some cash
And The ANC, might even add it, to their stash!

(blacklisted dictator/ gorillamovement)


BD, that's simply brilliant and deserves wider audience than the comments of this blog. You need to send it to the press to see if they will publish.


Thanks for your kind words.
Not sure which paper might publish it.
I am blacklisted by various editors at The M&G. Perhaps, I will send it to The Citizen.


check out:

Seems that Mbeki might be leading a new party??


BD, what do you do as an occupation. What ever that is, I want int, as I have no time for writing political poetry

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