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September 21, 2008



A coulpe of weeks ago, The Media Review Network website posted an article in which Lauren Booth stated that she was being imprisoned in Gaza. In response, I posted the following comment...

"If Lauren is "effectively being imprisoned" by the Israeli authorities, she shouldn't bite her tongue..she must ask Tony Blair to intervene on her behalf. It is easy to fall out with an in-law but now is the time for Lauren to stay on the best of terms with her influential brother-in-law.

If Tony wont help her,( perhaps they fell out last Xmas over the turkey?) Lauren should immediately report her imprisonment to David Milliband, the British foreign secretary. He would then phone Tzipi Livni and she would ensure that Lauren is immediately freed.

Israel should be condemned at the highest level for imprisoning Lauren. She is totally innocent and is, in fact, a very nice woman. I have seen her reviewing the newspapers on UK TV shows and there is no doubt that like her sister Cherie Blair, Lauren is extremely intelligent.

Btw ,their father Tony Booth was a great comedy actor and had a starring role in the TV series " Till Death Do Us Part". Well worth watching. Unlike her father, however, Lauren does not act in front of the cameras.

If Tony does go to Gaza, as Lauren suggests, the Israelis would be very foolish to imprison him even though he has been dubbed "a war criminal" for invading Iraq. This invasion was at the behest of the US/Zionist alliance and, as a result, the Israelis would effectively be imprisoning somebody who had fought a war on their behalf. That would be a grave miscarriage of justice."


You are a very sick woman Lauren Booth.

UK infidel

It seems that a certain person called Lauren Booth is gaining her self recognition and respect in politics by falsely claiming to be helping the muslims and of supporting the people of Palestine!! I have evidence that her interests are not in helping issues regarding Palestine but through her own greed and self status in the political arena of the UK. I am ashamed that this Mrs Booth can go to Bradford and excite muslims into a state of hatred towards non muslims in order to fulfill her own hidden agenda of trying to be some one she isnt..If you should need evidence of what i have found then please contact me as i think this is serious exploitation of Islam and its followers..

UK infidel

The real Lauren Booth can be seen spouting her foul mouth on bnptube on youtube!! She is using the muslim hatred for her own political gains, Lauren you are two faced and a traitor, you should be ashamed of your self the same as tony and gordan.. When you have finished brewing up more hatred to the UK from islamic fundamentalists you can then nip over to your lovely house in France cant you? Your retirement funds must be quite large so i bet its champagne and caviar all the way..TREASON SHOULD CARRY CAPITAL PUNISHMENT,WHY DID SO MANY SOLDIERS DIE FOR EVIL PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO DESTRTOY OUR FREEDOM AND PROFIT AT SAME TIME?

Mark Bernadiner

Lauren Booth is islamofascist prostitute, profoundly ignorant idiot, pathological liar and typical british pig.

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Visit Soccer Dad and Harry's Place for more. Harry's Place provides some photos of real Nazi concentration camps and a scene from a real humanitarian disaster in Darfur to reveal the level of insanity stricken by Booth.


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