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September 10, 2008




I should also alert Supernatural readers to Ben Cohen's latest article that attacks the zionist/apartheid analogy.

Your last paragraph is particularly pertinent but the harsh question arises... do African nations want to build democratic nation states?


Today in 2008 most African countries don't share South Africa's pathological hatred of Israel and Israel has good friends in Africa, some who actually attended Israel celebrations in Jerusalem. Also 8 African countries have attacked SA's anti-Israel bias.

Unlike SA, most African states did vote, foe example, for Israel's entry into the Red Cross, and unlike SA, most did vote to condemmn holocaust denial in the UN.



Outside of the Arab world, South Africa has the most anti-zionist press.

Of course The SAHRD jumped on a bandwagon which was already overflowing.


This Israel-hatred is the staple diet of South Africa's intellectual elite.
The new generation will swallow it with their mother's milk.


Israel does continue diplomatic outreach to Africa. There are also private initiatives. These ought to be publicized more.


Soccerdad, you are 100% correct. Even in South Africa Israel does amazing work with improving subsistence agriculture. But I think they need to think bigger. They need to start portraying themselves as a state not only that can make the dessert bloom but can build a successful state (in the broad sense).

I hope to write some more on this in the future.


Blacklisted Dictator asks an important question. The truth is that Africans are against democracy. After their so-called liberation from colonialism they all became black dictatorships. Israel cannot teach them anything about democracy. They were better off under European colonialists. Israel has many of its own problems. It shouldn't bother with Africans.


Moshe, I think that is a very short sighted and parochial approach. Not all African states are today or have always been dictatorships. Off the top of my head, Botswana is a great example of a democratic, peaceful and relatively prosperous African state.

Israel can benefit in many ways from improved relations with Africa. Increased trade for example would further strengthen her economic growth and great more jobs and wealth for ordinary Israelis. On the political front more friend in the world would certainly not hurt. With enough African support,she may even be able to prevent the slew of UN censures that she receives every year.

I heard an excellent quote from a former high ranking US diplomat today that is extremely appropriate here. In the age of globalization, foreign policy is domestic policy.


There are more crocodiles in Botswana than healthy (non HIV) people.
Botswana is really a crocodilocracy.



You should see some of the quotes from African giants such as Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Julius Nyerere of Tanazania in the early days of independance. It is very clear that they see zionisim as the a form of anti-colonialism. In general other Africans that I have met are very posisitive about Israel and are better informed than their South African counterparts.

I sometimes wonder whether it was simply a trick of geograhpy and colonialism that we ended up as thinking of Israel as out of Africa in the first place. Certainly in some aspects it mirrors African states more closely than it does either Arab or European. There has been a lot of studies on the politics and international relations of African states and perhaps some comparative studies would help us understand israels situation better.

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