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August 19, 2008



Mohau Pheko is a great supporter of Robert Mugabe and Motsau Pheko.
Anti-Western attitudes always lead to support for tyrants and mass murderers- everytime.

Religious Fundamentalist 1

Pretty much says it all:


Mohau Pheko must be one of the worst staff writers that the Sunday times has. But at least she makes stupid comments about everyone and doesnt just go after one group only.

I will never forget one classic write up. She accused Halaal food of being a money making racket that is being deliberately used to undermine other south africans access to food.

This women may be many things, but seemingly logical is not one of them.


"she makes stupid comments about everyone and doesnt just go after one group only"

Unlike ZAPIRO and Jane Duncan who would never do nayhting to offend Islamic sensibilites even in their wildest dreams.


Steve, Gary and Bigben,

You can bitch about The Sunday Times but the truth is that Mondli has been to the occupied territories. He is a fully paid up memeber of the SAHRD. When he talked at The Chief Rabbi's book launch at Hyde Park a while ago he was also wonderfully interesting. I should know. I was there. I ate the latkes, smoked salmon and cream cheese.

So the truth is that Mondli knows what The Zionists are up to. If his reporter writes that "former Israeli generals serve as advisors to the Georgian military” who are you to disagree?
Mondli knows these things.
You don't.
It is just one of those things.

Joel Pollak

Wow. Great comment, and good catch on the plagiarism. That's a firing offense. I wonder if the Sunday Times will pick it up? You ought to write to the editor... if not of the Times, then a competing paper...

Btw, the invasion of Georgia is a big blow to American foreign policy, so Pheko gets credit for being a silly copycat, not just a clumsy one.


A firing offense?? You have been way too long in the USofA.
This is South Africa! The Sunday Times aint the New York Times.
Have you read The Sunday Times recently ??

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