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July 02, 2008



Bnei will find it's Mizrachi contacts very useful in the fine settlement. I wonder if the other youth movements would survive a fine like that...


Stupid, stupid and senseless act, but obviosuly the media et al will blame it on 'Zionism' and use it as a brush to tar all of us Zionists.

It's not worse though than the Isllamic treatment of higher forms of animal life like dogs.


By dogs, you are referring to Jews?


This is typical of what happens when environmental problems are allowed to fester and then are dealt with using last-minute knee-jerk reactions.

The problem of the birds stretches back to late 2006 and perhaps even before that. True the complex did push more birds to the site but this is a classic case of how not deal with the problem. When the birds started moving in, they cut down some of the perimeter trees, apprently for security purposes.There were no campers near these trees. Once those were gone naturally the birds began living in the trees right in the heart of the site, next to a number of tent circles where they might cause harm.

If they had taken a bit more of a proactive stance, reconfigured the camp site a little and done a small amount of habitat rehabilatation they could have saved themselves quite a large amount of hassle and apparently money also.

Instead they have tarnished their image clouded some the of the really good enviro work that they do and destroyed the birds, which despite their messy status added a specail sense of place to the campsite.


And the bird-poop could only have improved the smell of the Bnei madrichim ;)

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