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June 02, 2008



Mike and Mike's friend,

Many thanks for your report. It is crucial that we know what is going on.
It is inexcusible to plead ignorance.

Obviously South Africa must ask for international assistance. Doctors (perhaps from Cuba?) are desperately needed to provide medical care.

I hope that "Supernatural" can keep track of the Germiston refugees.
Perhaps the volunteers can update us regularly on this blog and we can discuss how we can help.


Is this the defining moment in post-apartheid South Africa?

"There were a few tense moments on Monday when a crowd of several hundred refugees marched to Parliament to air their grievances over the recent xenophobic violence.

After being addressed by, among others, Zackie Achmat of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and refugee leaders, sections of the crowd surged towards a small line of police officers outside the main gates of Parliament's Roeland Street entrance.

The officers had their hands full keeping the chanting crowd at bay for a while, but the tension eased and the refugees moved back a few metres.

A memorandum was eventually handed over to a government representative and the crowd began to disperse.

Achmat apologised to the refugees "on behalf of the entire country" for the attacks meted out on them by mobs in some parts of the country about two weeks ago.

He lamented the lack of "moral leadership" on the part of government during the crisis, especially President Thabo Mbeki, Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool and Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille.

It was necessary now to ensure compensation was provided to the victims, that the secure reintegration of those who wanted to return to the areas they were driven from takes place and that assistance was provided to those wanting to return to their countries of origin, Achmat said.

The refugees made no bones about their desire for United Nations assistance, with continuous chants of "UN, UN" and dozens of placards calling for action by the UN High Commission for Refugees." -- Sapa

leora raikin

please tell us here in the US how we can help? what do you need, i fly from US to south africa in 2 weeks and would like to know what kind of things i can bring to the refugees?


It might be best to contact Beyachad in Joburg on your arrival. You could perhaps donate some cash (they have a fund and bank account with details on this blog) as it might be impossible to shlepp heavy items in your luggage.


Money can also be deposited directly into the Jewish Board of Deputy's Alex Relief fund.

Name of account holder: SA Jewish Board of Deputies
Name of Bank: Standard Bank - Killarney
Branch Account Number: 2003 05 190
Branch Code: 007205 Ref:
Please write: "Alex Relief" alongside your name or organganization
Deposit slips can be faxed attention Shirley, SAJBD, 011 645 2559


Hi Leora,

To be honest there is nothing that you can bring. What they really need is leadership. Tey need people who can run the shelters.


i doubt whether running shelters in Joburg is an easy job.

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