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June 27, 2008


Castor Troye

77% of Israeli-Arabs ould rather live in the Jewish state than in any other country in the world? Does this poll take into consideration the difficulties of leaving, family ties, the economic impossibilities etc? Given the Palestinian refugee problem of today, which Arab living in Israel would want to risk leaving when the psyche of being a refugee is at the back of his mind?

These figures may be a pat on the back to Israel, but they could be seen the other way round. It is a matter of whether the glass is half full or empty?


For sure leaving your country of birth is not easy. But I bet that if we had to do a comparative poll for White South African you would find that less than 77% would rather live here than in any other country in the world


Contrast the 77% of Israeli Arabs who wish to stay in Israel with the percentage of Gazan Arabs who wish to leave. (Recent figures quoted in the JPOST). Then compare statistics with who of them wishes to head off to an arab country as opposed to, say, the US (aka the Great Satan).

Now ask how many Palestinian "refugees" in camps in Lebanon and Jordan would prefer to be in Israel. (living under the government of the "small satan").

If this doesn't blow your mind, have a quick look at the East Jerusalem (arab) neighbourhoods who were ready to sell their grandmothers (presumably proverbially) in order to stay under Israeli control and not be handed over the Captain Peace, Abbas. (again, see JPOST/HAARETZ)

Now ask yourself ... is Castor Troye even barking up a tree at all?

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